Rumor Mill Control: Smallville Movie On Horizon?

Can it be true?  A rumor is starting to drift about the web-i-verse that there's a movie on the horizon that will culminate Smallville's run on The CW.

In the working theory, it will be called "Metropolis", and it could be slated for a Christmas 2010 airing on the small screen.

Truth Or Fiction?

Before we all get wadded up in a ball, I need to put a seriously large grain of salt on this one.

The good folks over at AICN broke this rumor and they have done so saying it has come from an untested source.

I've seen their inside sources do some good stuff, but an untested source could just be someone yanking the chain of those of us who would just eat this kind of news up.  Not to mention that they might have been reading the suggestions of Screen Rant readers  at what to call this new version of Smallville!

Questionable Sources?

The name and date information came from the untested source saying that this info was seen on some signage that was being prepared for the upcoming 2009 Comic-Con in San Diego.

Well, so much for any surprise announcements (if this has any inkling of truth behind it).

If you look at the timing, with season 9 of Smallville looking to end in May of 2010, it works out.

And again, if true, (Are my subtle warnings getting through?), if they had a spin-off in mind,  it would be the perfect platform to launch it.  Just in time for a mid-season 2010 or 2011 airing.

Because of past legal issues, I'm still not holding out for the red cape.  But the CW has hinted at a lot of other characters in one way or another on the show.  Maybe they'll either get permission or be pretty sneaky in how they hint at it.

Kudos to Screen Rant reader Luke for helping with the news!

Source:  AICN

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