Rumor Patrol: Megan Fox To Play Red Sonja? [Updated]

Megan Fox as Red Sonja?

[Update: Megan Fox's reps are denying her involvement]

There's a lot been going on behind the scenes of Red Sonja, the new version of the comic book character who first appeared in Conan the Barbarian comics in the early 1970s. A while back Robert Rodriguez unveiled his plans for the new movie version, which was to star Rose McGowan in the titular role and it would be directed by Douglas Aarniokoski with Rodriguez lending his producing talents.

What exactly the status of the project was for a while nobody was exactly sure but recently McGowan Tweeted that the project had been delayed. Then came the news that McGowan had been cast in Conan but as an "evil half-human/half witch" that ISN'T Red Sonja. Just what the hell is going on here? Is McGowan Red Sonja or not?...

Well, if this latest rumor is true then no, she isn't. Pajiba is reporting a rumor that not only affects who might be playing Red Sonja but overall plans for the film in general. First off, the rumor states that McGowan and director Aarniokoski are out of the project, and Millenium Films is looking for another writer to take a shot at redrafting David N. White's script. McGowan confirmed her departure with a recent tweet, stating "It's fine. It was Conan or [Red Sonja]." There's no mention if Rodriguez will still be on as a producer or not.

[UPDATE: Moviefone spoke with Megan Fox's publicist who said Fox's involvement with Red Sonja is simply "not true."]

But the bigger news, at least for us fans, is that Transformers babe, Megan Fox, has reportedly been offered the role of Red Sonja. So they've gotten rid of one good looking actress and replaced her with an arguably better looking one. If she accepted the role (and that's if she was even offered it at all - remember take this as a RUMOR for the time being), this new version that the studio is looking to do involves, "an innocent teenager who metamorphosizes into an unparalleled warrior."

Hmmm, I'm betting fans of the character aren't going to be too happy about that plot... This news comes hot off the heels of Fox (again) turning down the role of Lara Croft so maybe she's looking for a different ass-kicking role and Red Sonja has come along at just the right time.

Megan Fox claims she left Transformers 3

I'm quite surprised to see the troubled Red Sonja head in the way it has (if this news is true). I know it's not been an easy road but the plan for McGowan to play the character in an adaptation of the character from the comic - hopefully with a cameo in the reboot of Conan - seemed rather perfect (they've already made promo posters for it with McGowan in character). But this way of making it a teenager that turns into a warrior seems kind of silly to me.

I suppose Fox is more age-appropriate for the role in that respect, but we all know she can't act worth a damn. Does that matter when the character is all about looking good and kicking ass? I'll let you discuss that one.

What do you think of Fox potentially playing Red Sonja and the general new direction they appear to be going with the movie?

Stay tuned to Screen Rant to find out if any of this rumor is actually true.

Source: Pajiba (via Cinema Blend)

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