Is Ghostbusters 3 Really Going To Happen?

Maybe it was seeing a 60+ year old Harrison Ford still kicking ass and taking names in Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Or more likely, it was said film's $750 million box-office receipts. Regardless, if Dread Central is to be believed, Ghostbusters 3 may finally become a reality.

As per their sources, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson have all agreed to reprise their roles in a third live-action installment - just under 20 years after Ghostbusters 2 graced the silver screen.

But it doesn't stop there, ladies and germs. Here's the real juicy info:

"Now here's the really interesting part; though not much is known about the plot, apparently the 'Busters will be handing over their proton packs to Seth Rogan and the crew from 40 Year Old Virgin!"

This does go along with what Aykroyd's been yapping about for years now. According to him back in the mid 90s, they had lined up Chris Rock, Ben Stiller and Chris Farley to play the "next generation" for Ghostbusters III: Hellbent

That said, I don't buy a word of any of this. Sure, I'd love to be wrong. But... this sounds like an attempt to get some attention on the forthcoming Ghostbusters video game - which incidentially all 4 actors did voice-work on.

Source: Dread Central

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