10 Awesome Ruby Roundhouse Cosplays That Look Good Enough To Be In Jumanji

Karen Gillan in Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle

From timid high school girl to badass jungle fighter, Ruby Roundhouse certainly made an impression in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The grown-up version of Martha/Ruby was played by the admirable Karen Gillan. And while her wardrobe received some initial backlash when the Jumanji sequel was announced, cosplayers were keen on recreating Ruby’s costume.

Ruby Roundhouse is the avatar in the Jumanji video game that Martha selects before being siphoned into the game itself. The avatar’s look is made up of a short crop top, shorts, and equipped with leather accessories. It’s the perfect closet cosplay that’s affordable and fitting for cosplayers both new and seasoned. Check out these 10 awesome Ruby Roadhouse cosplays that look good enough to be in Jumanji.

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10 Anna Thorns

In the video game Jumanji, Ruby Roundhouse is extremely vulnerable to snakes. The venom is fatal to her, as we see when she is bitten by a snake in order to get the Jaguar’s Eye in the final level.

But apparently, snakes are no problem for cosplayer Anna. In her Ruby Roundhouse cosplay photoshoot, she bravely holds onto a real live snake, further proving her worthiness to take on the role of Ruby. Not to mention she looks stunningly like Karen Gillan. Snakes aren’t and a common prop for cosplayers but this one is a nice touch!

9 Annaliese McGuire

Even though we already know that Karen Gillan is reprising her role as Ruby Roundhouse for the next Jumanji installment, this cosplayer can give her a run for her money. Annalise frequently wears her Ruby Roundhouse cosplay, probably due to the fact that it’s extremely well-done. The details are definitely movie-accurate, and her wilderness photoshoots really help bring her Ruby cosplay to life. Annalise is a 22-year-old cosplayer whose other notable costumes include Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

8 Sydney

Australian cosplayer, Sydney City Siren (as she goes by an Instagram), fashioned her own take on the Jumanji avatar.

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The camouflage shorts are, admittedly, a better touch, and the rest of the ensemble just looks absolutely perfect. This cosplayer is extremely talented at wig styling, as you can see by her spot-on orange Ruby hair-do.

7 Asgardian Cosplays

This would certainly be a plot twist in the next Jumanji movie! This genderbent Ruby Roundhouse cosplay is exceptionally well done. The Asgardian Cosplay has a bevy of cosplays on his Instagram portfolio. And this Ruby Roundhouse isn’t his first gender-swap cosplay creation. He has also done Shera and male version of Princess Jasmine. His Misy from Pokémon isn’t too bad either! Of course, he has a ton of other impressive cosplays on his docket. From Simba, Prince Charming, to Batman’s Robin— pretty much all of his costumes are fascinating to look at.

6 Gypsy Geek

Ruby Roundhouse’s skills in the game are karate, Tai’Chi, Aikido, and dance fighting. And cosplayer, Gyspy Geek, looks like she could take on any of those talents. 

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This photo of her in her own Ruby Roundhouse attire looks like she stepped right into the world of Jumanji. Gypsy Geek is a seasoned cosplayer who’s own skills include design and costume work. Her Misty, Hope Summers and Daphne Blake are among some of her other costume creations.

5 C H I K A A L I C E

Chikaaliice is a pageant model who cosplays from time to time. Her cosplay of Ruby’s avatar is a reimagined fashion-forward take of the character. Her modern maroon crop top, skirt, and high heels might be more suited for the likes of Bethany, but it’s a more creative and can be used for daily Ruby Roundhouse look.

A scroll through her page will bring viewers to some of her other cosplays such as Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy.

4 Ødfel

Ødfel is an accomplished cosplayer, a published model, and a creator from Ohio. And while her Sansa and Jean Grey cosplays are enough to inspire envy, just look at her Ruby Roundhouse! What’s even more impressive is that she seems to have found a Jack Black look-a-like to pose with her for a dynamic Jumanji remake! Watch out Jack and Karen, these two could be cast as the next Bethany and Martha.

3 Anya Vonti Cosplay

When it comes to cosplay, there is a tremendous amount of effort that goes into duplicating a character’s look. Some people choose to focus on the costume details, while others are invested in transforming into doppelgängers with mind-blowing makeup skills. Then, there are those high-achieving cosplayers who are able to do all of that and more!

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Cosplayer Grange Air is known for her makeup skills and her Ruby Roundhouse cosplay is no exception. The way she is able to make herself look exactly like Karen Gillian is simply amazing.

Anya’s other fan-fan-favorite cosplays are Hermione Granger, Sansa Stark, and Sabrina.

2 Geminova Cosplay

Rachael, also known as Geminova Cosplay, would be a perfect casting choice for either Martha or Ruby for the next Jumanji film! She not only looks the part, but she’s dedicated to impersonating the character in her cosplay shots. In one of her many Ruby photos she says, “A swift progression of me attempting a high kick and then losing my balance.” Just a bit more practice and she’ll have Ruby’s karate skills down in no time!

Rachel’s cosplay merits a reward of some sort for her stunning stature and representation of the Jumanji character. Anyone interested in her other cosplay costumes should check out her Prompto Argentum of Final Fantasy cosplay.

1 Niamh

While Ruby Roundhouse’s talents consist of dance fighting, cosplayer Niamh’s expertise lies in her ability to shapeshift into any character. While her Ruby cosplay is an apt pick for her, her abilities allow her to replicate any of her favorite fandom characters. Her Spider-Gwen and Killer Frost cosplays are both worth bookmarking, and her Harley Quinn cosplays are to die for. Plus, her take on Kim Possible shows that she may be able to keep up with Ruby Roundhouse’s martial arts moves.

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