Rubik's Cube Movie In the Works

Rubik's Cube movie in the works

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Not content with turning Battleship, Candyland, Ouiji Board, Hot Wheels and Stretch Armstrong into movies (to name just a few), Hollywood has targeted a toy that is so far away from being suitable for the big-screen it's not even funny: The Rubik's Cube.

According to What's Playing, CAA has signed Rubik's Cube as a "client" and there's already interest in turning the puzzle into a movie. Although no official deals have been made, the agency is said to be meeting with various different producers and studios about turning the most popular toy in the world into a feature film.

But just what in the name of Thor's hammer could a Rubik's Cube movie be about? There's a suggestion that the film could be plotted around a competition, presumably of who can solve it the fastest (the current world record is 7.08 seconds - WOW!). That seems to me to be the only logical story a Rubik's Cube-based movie could have, because trying to come up with a narrative for the puzzle seems like a stretch even by Hollywood's "make anything into a movie" standards.

Our own Paul Young previously predicted this movie adaptation would happen and suggested as much in his 7 Ridiculous Toy-Based Movies article. According to Paul, a Rubik's Cube movie could be a thriller about a group of people who get trapped inside the cube and have to figure out how to solve the puzzle before it's too late. Hollywood, are you listening? :-P

This is just another one of those cases where a toy is so popular and well known that Hollywood thinks a movie is the next logical step. But the trouble is that Rubik's Cube doesn't have any story to whatsoever - it's just a multicolored block you turn to make each side all the same color. Aside from making it a competition film (a type of film we've seen a million times before) I can't really see how a movie version would work.

Source: What's Playing

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