Yes, you read that title correctly.

Not content with turning Battleship, Candyland, Ouiji Board, Hot Wheels and Stretch Armstrong into movies (to name just a few), Hollywood has targeted a toy that is so far away from being suitable for the big-screen it’s not even funny: The Rubik’s Cube.

According to What’s Playing, CAA has signed Rubik’s Cube as a “client” and there’s already interest in turning the puzzle into a movie. Although no official deals have been made, the agency is said to be meeting with various different producers and studios about turning the most popular toy in the world into a feature film.

But just what in the name of Thor‘s hammer could a Rubik’s Cube movie be about? There’s a suggestion that the film could be plotted around a competition, presumably of who can solve it the fastest (the current world record is 7.08 seconds – WOW!). That seems to me to be the only logical story a Rubik’s Cube-based movie could have, because trying to come up with a narrative for the puzzle seems like a stretch even by Hollywood’s “make anything into a movie” standards.

rubiks cube header Rubiks Cube Movie In the Works

Our own Paul Young previously predicted this movie adaptation would happen and suggested as much in his 7 Ridiculous Toy-Based Movies article. According to Paul, a Rubik’s Cube movie could be a thriller about a group of people who get trapped inside the cube and have to figure out how to solve the puzzle before it’s too late. Hollywood, are you listening? :-P

This is just another one of those cases where a toy is so popular and well known that Hollywood thinks a movie is the next logical step. But the trouble is that Rubik’s Cube doesn’t have any story to whatsoever – it’s just a multicolored block you turn to make each side all the same color. Aside from making it a competition film (a type of film we’ve seen a million times before) I can’t really see how a movie version would work.

Source: What’s Playing

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