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Rubber by Quentin Dupieux Scene and Logo

I really enjoy indie films. There are so many great ideas and stories out there that don’t include the words "remake," "reboot" or "sequel" in the title, but they usually get so overshadowed by large studios pumping out films that most movie-going audiences never even hear about them. Such a shame, really, because a lot of indie films deserve to get a wide release.

Premiering at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France later this year is the indie horror/comedy movie Rubber by director Quentin Dupieux. I couldn’t find the official synopsis for the film, but our friends at Bloody Disgusting describe it as this:

Rubber is the story of a tire named Robert who, after discovering a pile of burning tires, decides to avenge his people by blowing people's head ... like tires.

So where do I get my tickets to the opening night showing of Rubber? Seriously, how good of an idea has Dupieux come up with here. It’s simple, ridiculous and 7 levels of awesome. I love the fact that this inanimate object not only understands revenge and knows how to extract it, but even went through the trouble of giving itself a name.

Rubber was written and directed by Quentin Dupieux, a.k.a Mr Oizo, and stars Thomas F. Duffy, Pete Diecco, Hayley Holmes and Remy Thorne. Today we have the teaser trailer for Rubber, as well as a clip from the movie (don’t worry the tire is in there too). Enjoy both below:

Rubber Teaser


Rubber Clip

Maybe it’s just me, but I found the teaser to be both puzzling and humorous at the same time. Just the thought of “Robert” the tire trying out his psychic killing techniques on a raven in the desert cracks me up. Maybe Dupieux can make a sequel called The Tires Who Stare at Goats? I hope the film turns out to be as good as I want it to be, and that at some point we get to watch it here in the States.

Here is a gallery of images from Rubber:

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Rubber is either going to be a 90 minute film filled with great campy fun or a total failure where the idea was better than the execution. I can’t really see there being any gray area here. Dupieux will just have to hope his audience doesn’t get TIRED of his film or that critics think he is just spinning his WHEELS.  (Come on, don’t groan; you knew I was going to slip a pun in here somewhere ;-) .)

Rubber meets the road (heh) at Cannes May 15th, 2010.

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