Rough Night Red Band Trailer #2: Kate McKinnon is Open to Cannibalism

The second red band trailer for the bachelorette party-gone-horribly-awry comedy Rough Night has been released, and its suggesting cannibalism as a way to deal with deathly serious problem involving five women. Set to debut in theaters June 16, Rough Night - starring Scarlett Johansson, Zoë Kravitz, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell and Ilana Glazer - at first blush appears to be the female answer to director Peter Berg's dark comedy Very Bad Things from 1998: where a bachelor party takes a dark turn, when one of the participants (Jeremy Piven) accidentally kills a prostitute in a moment of wild sex.

In Rough Night, one of the friends (Bell) at a bachelorette party for the bride-to-be (Johansson) accidentally kills a male stripper when she misjudges her trajectory during a lap dance session. Despite a similar starting presence, the films' narrative appear to take completely different routes. In Very Bad Things, the friends' solution was to cut up the body to dispose of it; while the group in Rough Night has other ideas, including cannibalism by McKinnon's character, who says, "There was a guy in Australia, who cooked his girlfriend and ate her," before adding, "I can't because I'm vegan, but ..."

Released Friday as an exclusive to Rolling Stone, the second red band trailer isn't completely different from the first Rough Night red-band trailer from March. Still, there's plenty of new footage, starting with the beginning when Bell's character asks her friends to pose for a "Human Friend-tepide" photo based on the ghastly chain of people sewn together front-end to back-end from The Human Centipede ("I get the middle," Bell says with glee). The trailer ends with the friends sharing their stories of HPV, which again, is punctuated by another punch-line from Bell.

While the first red band trailer for Rough Night was funny, the second is hilarious. The first one starts out by focusing on how the college friends don't get to see each other as much anymore, and moves into the planning of the bachelorette party, the new red band promo dives headlong into the party and all the raunch that goes with it before the moment when the male stripper meets his tragic demise. Of course, fans won't know exactly how the body is disposed off, but for the time being – as shown in both trailers – the stiff is being toted around like he's totally alive, a la Weekend at Bernie's.

Rough Night promises to be a welcome summer movie season departure for Johansson fans, who in recent years are used to seeing her in superhero films like The Avengers and hyper-kinetic action films like Lucy. True, it's doubtful  Johansson will deliver as many laughs as comedic forces of nature Bell and McKinnon, but likely won't be as subject to as many rough returns for Rough Night as she was for Ghost in the Shell.

Source: Rolling Stone

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