Rotten Tomatoes Sold To Flixster

IGN Entertainment (a division of News Corp - the parent corporation of Fox) has sold its movie review "aggregate site" Rotten Tomatoes to Flixster for an undisclosed sum, we learn by way of The Hollywood Reporter.

Said Flixster Chief, Joe Greenstein:

"To use movie terminology, we think this is a blockbuster double bill...It's a huge step forward in our goal of connecting users to their own personalized world of movies on any platform they choose."

If you've been living under a rock for the last eleven years (or simply neglected to click the link up above) Rotten Tomatoes is a site (and TV show) that collects reviews from "certified critics" around the web, and, based on those reviews, assigns a score to the movie being reviewed. If you don't use Rotten Tomatoes, then you probably know of its close cousin, Metacritic.

IGN is selling the review site in order to reportedly turn focus back to its mission statement of building a premiere video game and "men's lifestyle" (read: geeky) online empire. IGN Entertainment president, Roy Bahat, will be joining the Flixster board and according Bahat, "Joining Rotten Tomatoes with Flixster creates a company that can dominate the online movie category."

For my money I still prefer Metacritic, primarily because that site reviews movies, games, music TV and DVD releases - but also, unlike Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic's reviews are gathered from major publications - not just any person with an opinion to share who happens to belong to some semi-legitimate critics association.

[SIDE BAR: Rotten Tomatoes wouldn't let me post reviews on their site because I don't belong to one of those aforementioned associations. But I'm not bitter - I swear, totally not bitter about it :-P .]

If you've ever been on a thing called Facebook, then you've probably seen Flixster pop up, asking you what movies you want to see in a given week - How will Rotten Tomatoes change and/or improve under the new management? Only time will tell...

Source: THR

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