Roswell, New Mexico Reboot Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con 2018

The trailer for The CW's Roswell, New Mexico reboot dropped at San Diego Comic-Con. Roswell, New Mexico is a reboot of the series Roswell, which aired from 1999 to 2002, first on the WB and then on UPN. Both series are inspired by the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz.

The original series focused on the alien/human hybrids Max, his sister Isobel, their friend Michael and later Tess, along with their human friends, as they dealt with the trials and tribulations of high school, conspiracies, and their alien origins. The relationship between Max and Liz, a human, was a cornerstone of the series. The reboot will also center on the relationship between Max and Liz. Instead of being in high school, in this version they’re both older adults, along with their family and friends. Liz is a biomedical researcher who returns home to visit her parents, both of whom are undocumented Mexican immigrants. Max is now a cop who is once again trying to hide the secret of his extraterrestrial origins.

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The CW didn’t have a panel for Roswell, New Mexico. Instead they debuted the trailer during the panel for the network’s other new series, Legacies. The trailer shows scenes of Liz and Max’s relationship in high school, before revealing the crash of the alien ship in Roswell. Despite the disapproval of Max’s friends and family, he sparks up a relationship with Liz that threatens to reveal his secret. In addition to the romance angle, the trailer also leaned into the science fiction aspect, showcasing the aliens' powers. Max is forced to use them to heal Liz - who has been shot - putting his life of secrecy in jeopardy.

Though this new series will draw from both the old one and the books, it will have a new twist with the status of Liz’s parents, a move sure to spark conversations on the treatment of undocumented immigrants. In this version both Max and Liz are keeping secrets. In addition to immigration, the series will also deal with the issue of PTSD, and the wish of one of the aliens to return home.

Jeanine Mason stars as Liz with Nathan Parsons as Max. Lily Cowles and Michael Vlamis will play fellow aliens Isobel and Michael. Roswell, New Mexico will be a mid-season entry on The CW, airing sometime in 2019. That leaves a long time to wait after this trailer dropped. In today's reboot heavy culture, this is yet another one to add to the pile. Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer is coming back. However, it seems like many of the more recently announced reboots are seeking to set themselves apart by incorporating currently prominent societal issues, and seeking to diversify their casting.

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Source: The CW

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