Roswell: 10 Moments That Proved Max Was A Terrible Boyfriend

This October marked the 20th anniversary of Roswell's season premiere; an American sci-fi show that ran for three seasons. Starring Shiri Appleby, Katherine Heigl and Colin Hanks, the show follows a group of high school students who discover some of their classmates are aliens.

It's not surprising they chose to reboot the series as there were several unique characters and relationships. For three years, fans grew to love the forbidden romance between Max (Jason Behr) & Liz (Appleby). They were often described as the show's Romeo & Juliet- but with a happier ending. However, this is not to say the couple didn't face any problems as Max's alien quests would overshadow the relationship. Here are 10 moments Max proved to be a terrible boyfriend.

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10 Ruining her blind date (S1 Ep14)

Max had called time on his relationship with Liz, requesting they put a little distance between them so they can focus on their lives ("The Balance"). Although Liz was devastated, she agreed. Maria (Majandra Delfino) then entered Liz for a blind date contest, where she was announced as the winner.

Max didn't take the news very well, deciding to get drunk with Kyle (Nick Wechsler) on the night. The pair then crash Liz's date, with Max drunkenly confessing his feelings and convincing her to run off with him. However, Max runs away after their kiss sobers him up. The hot-and-cold mood swings got pretty old for Liz.

9 When he kissed Tessa despite being with Liz (S1 Ep18)

Max and Liz looked to be quite happy when they began dating- for real this time. Yet, fans should have known it wouldn't last for long as another spanner was thrown in the works with the arrival of Tess (Emilie De Ravin). Liz began to feel insecure after noticing Max was drawn to Tess; Max was quick to ease her fears.

Max then made a huge mistake afterward; he kissed Tess, and Liz saw it ("Tess, Lies and Videotape"). He didn't even apologize to Liz, he just tried to defend his actions. Max then upsets Liz further when he admits he had a flash during the kiss as this had only happened with her. A heartbroken Liz then leaves, crying, whilst Max watches on.

8 The whole season 2 breakup request (S2 Ep5)

In the episode "The End of the World", an older Max arrives in Roswell to warn Liz that their relationship will lead to the destruction of the planet. He tells Liz that she has to break Max's heart so he will pursue Tess and his destiny. The quest takes its toll on Liz, who succeeds with the mission but is left to deal with the fallout.

Future Max's request for Liz to break Max's heart was completely dumb. It made no sense in the long run considering the pair are back by the end of season 2 ("The Departure"). Future Max shouldn't have placed this burden on Liz's shoulders when they solve things quicker as a group.

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7 When he kissed Liz despite being with Tess (S2 Ep21)

Max just wasn't very good at staying faithful to his girlfriends as he also cheated on Tess with Liz. Max, Isabelle (Heigl) and Michael (Brendan Fehr) were preparing to leave Roswell for their home planet after a pregnant Tess became sick. The alien-hybrids all decided to say a final farewell to their loved ones, which included Liz.

Liz was heartbroken to learn that Tess was pregnant with Max's child and more so when he told her he was leaving ("The Departure"). After discovering that Liz lied about sleeping with Kyle, Max then kissed her goodbye and confessed his love. Tess looks a little hurt when it is revealed in a flash that he cheated on her.

6 Wanting to forget the whole Tess incident (S3 Ep1)

Three months after Tess' betrayal ("The Departure"), Max and Liz were back together. In a flashback, it is revealed that the pair had decided to take it slow. However, Max wants to them to have a fresh start and completely forget about Tess.

Liz is not very pleased with the suggestion as she believes Max is trying to make excuses for his past behavior. It would also mean disregarding her feelings and how she felt when she saw them together. It's quite shocking that he thought she wouldn't be holding a grudge.

5 Letting her take the fall for the robbery (S3 Ep1)

It was quite sweet to see Max and Liz work together to try and find his son. But how frustrating was it when the pair decide to hold up a convenience store? There was an easier way to get to the spaceship, considering Max has supernatural powers.

Max allowing Liz to help with the armed robbery was ridiculous as he didn't think of the consequences she could face. If he recruited Michael, Maria and Isabelle to help him with the quest, they would have easily been able to distract the clerk while he went downstairs. Sometimes his desperation led to the most irrational and dangerous plans.

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4 When he was going to leave without saying goodbye (S3 Ep5)

Max heads off to Los Angeles after finding out another shape-shifter may be able to help him locate his son. Whilst he is in Hollywood, Liz decides to stay in Roswell and work on her school projects. This meant the couple had to battle the long distance.

During the episode, an upset Liz tells Maria how Max blew off their phone-date ("Control"). Maria advises her to call him instead if she wants to know how he is. However, Max chooses to ignore her call and get in a spaceship that would send him home. He would have just left Liz without an explanation of when and if he would be back.

3 When he neglects Liz whilst on his quest (S3 Ep5 & Ep9)

Max's search for his son placed the brakes on his relationship as he began to neglect his boyfriend duties. Liz had been nothing but supportive of his quest, offering to help him search for his son ("Busted"). Yet Max continued to go at it alone, leaving her in the dark about where and who he was with.

Liz admitted she felt the relationship was one-sided when he got back from LA ("Control") and he showed to neglect the relationship again when he blows off their date. Luckily, Liz understands his situation but it does make him look self-centered as he never really asks Liz about the issues in her life. Not until the end of "Control" that is.

2 When he requests she come home from Vermont (S3 Ep13 & Ep14)

When Liz feels like her life is spiraling out of control, she decides to go to boarding school in Vermont. Max was not very pleased with the decision, especially after Liz's repressed feelings about Tess and the pregnancy came spewing out. Liz admits that arriving at the Winnaman Academy made her feel like herself again.

One of the reasons Liz left was because she gained supernatural powers. Since Liz had no more symptoms, Max asks her to come home so they can work things out. He fails to realize that she left because she wanted to find herself again. Instead of encouraging her to stay, Max helps her come back to Roswell ("Chant Down Babylon").

1 Takes her away from her family (S3 Ep18)

After Max was able to secure the safety of his son, he then suffered a loss of direction and purpose. Since Liz was planning to attend Northwestern college, Max wonders if she would be fine with him coming too. Liz says she would be more than happy for him to do it if that's something he wants.

Turns out it's not, as Max decides he wants them to travel the U.S. and help other people.  However, his plan does not include her remaining in contact with her family. Max's relationship with Liz's parents was already strained, so it wouldn't help his case that they missed their daughter's wedding because he was an alien on the run. Definitely not the kind of person your parents would want you to have.

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