Rosemary's Baby Remake Pitch: A Teen Pregnancy Drama

Producer Adi Shankar (DreddLone Survivor) has expanded his popular YouTube channel from a series of web shorts to include the Bootleg Universe Pitch Show. This show hosts a diverse range of hollywood talent as they offer up ideas to reboot popular franchises.  Some like episodes, like Tim Miller’s pitch for Deadpool discuss projects that are already in development, and some are completely hypothetical, like Michael Perry's pitch to reboot Jaws as a found-footage movie.

The latest episode examines rebooting Rosemary's Baby the classic 1968's psychological horror film written and directed by Roman Polanski and based on Ira Levin’s novel. This is not the first time filmmakers have tried to capture the success of the original;, in 1976, ABC aired a sequel Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby, and in 2014 Zoe Saldana starred in NBC's two part miniseries.

While the most recent remake moved the action to Paris, director Anthony Scott Burns (Manifold) offers a new location change in his pitch for a complete reboot. His film would change Rosemary from a young housewife to an unpopular high school student who is bullied by her peers.  On making it relevant to modern audiences:

"The huge preoccupation right now - and rightfully so - is teenage pregnancy and so for me: Rosemary's Baby in high school where you take a girl who moves into a new town, kind of shy... one  night at a party, maybe she's been drugged or something you know... she blacks out in a couple weeks she starts to get morning sickness and we're like: oh my god, this girl's pregnant."

Rosemary's Baby remake pitch

After the town hears of her pregnancy via social media, the community shifts from being openly hostile to welcoming, moving to support her while harboring sinister motives. While discussing setting the movie in a modern day school, Burns addresses the issue that plagues so many teenage films these days: the failure to accurately capture the current high school experience.

"I'm not going to make it how high school was for me, which is often what happens in movies now. Movies are emulations of the movies that we grew up with, in a way that is untrue to people now."

Burns repeatedly emphasizes the importance of having the movie set in a small isolated Christian community, but is inclined to minimize the Christian interactions as to avoid "stepping on anyone's toes." When asked to dream cast his Rosemary,  Burn's ideal leading lady was Mia Wasikowska (Crimson Peak), though she is now too well known and - presumably - old for the role. He would now "go on the road and just look... find a new one, a new star."

With the NBC Rosemary's Baby remake only a year old, it feels far too early to begin another production of the story, especially given the tepid response to the miniseries. There has yet to be a production that captures the creepy magic of the original, and much of the film's appeal lies in the psychological questions that come before the demonic reveal. Moving the action into a high school hardly feels original or groundbreaking; if anything it echos the vast majority of tepid horror movies focused on naive teenage girls.

What do you think of this pitch for a Rosemary's Baby remake?

Source: The Bootleg Universe Pitch Show

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