Roseanne Revival Promo Revisits Famous Moments from Seasons Past

As the series prepares to return, the first promo for ABC's revival of Roseanne revisits famous moments from the classic sitcom's past.

When Roseanne premiered on ABC in October of 1988, there really wasn't another show on TV quite like it. Featuring a realistically dysfunctional family unit, parents that worked blue-collar jobs, teens that disobeyed their parents at every turn, and a very limited income to work with, Roseanne -- along with the more over-the-top antics of FOX's Married with Children -- helped prove that sitcoms about people living paycheck to paycheck and dealing with daily struggles were definitely something America wanted to see.

News of a limited Roseanne revival series being in the works was first floated late last month, and from the outset, it seemed to be not a question of would anyone pick it up but who. After all, reviving old shows is a trendy thing in Hollywood at the moment, and as far as sitcoms go, Roseanne is pretty legendary. When one adds in that the entire original main cast was on board, Roseanne's revival prospects became even more of a slam dunk.

Sure enough, earlier today, ABC announced that they had officially picked up Roseanne's 8-episode limited revival series, with plans to air it in midseason 2018. The entire Connor family is indeed returning, although oldest daughter Becky will be exclusively played by Lecy Goranson, who originated the role. Goranson eventually departed the series in order to attend college, with future Scrubs star Sarah Chalke taking over. Chalke will reportedly be playing a new role in the revival. ABC has just released the first trailer for Roseanne's return, which serves to spotlight some of the most famous moments in the history of the storied sitcom. Check it out above.

Just some of the great bits spotlighted above include Roseanne and Dan's hilarious way of managing their monthly bills while also not running out of money completely, Roseanne giving D.J. a talking to about racism, and Roseanne, Dan, and Jackie's wacky experience getting high on some really old marijuana. Seemingly wanting to avoid further confusion regarding the two Becky situation, no clips of Chalke as the character are included.

While the immediate Connor family is intact for the revival, it remains a question as to whether Johnny Galecki will end up reprising his role of Darlene's husband David Healy. Galecki now, of course, stars on the CBS smash hit The Big Bang Theory, and it's unclear whether his commitments to that series will preclude any Roseanne involvement. Speaking of the Healy brothers, it'll be interesting to see how the death of actor Glenn Quinn (Mark) will be dealt with from a creative standpoint. It's also currently unclear how the revival will handle the many revelations that ended Roseanne's original series finale, which included that Dan had died of a heart attack.

Roseanne's 8-episode revival airs on ABC in mid-season 2018.

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Source: ABC

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