Roseanne Doesn't Believe Trump is Responsible for Revival Ratings

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Roseanne Barr doesn't think that the huge success of her sitcom's revival has anything to do with President Donald Trump. Roseanne has been a tremendous win for its network ABC. The season (or series) premiere earned the highest sitcom ratings in 3 years, beating out recent revival Will & Grace and several other big-name series like The Big Bang Theory.

Since its debut, the Roseanne revival has been a source of controversy and discussion. This is mainly due to the fact that return of the series focused heavily on recent politics. Roseanne Conner, like the actress who plays her, voted for Donald Trump in the President Election. Roseanne's vote caused a huge riff between her family and a lot of think pieces to be launched. It's due to that focus on Donald Trump that caused the president to claim that he's, in a way, responsible for Roseanne's success. In Barr's opinion, only one person is responsible for the success of the reboot and it's not the President.

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TMZ caught up with the actress to ask her about Trump taking credit for the sitcom's success. Barr answered with a subdued, but still recognizable, laugh. Isolated, this suggests all of Roseanne's feelings on Trump inserting himself into the success of the sitcom, which didn't even mention him by name. Yet Barr went on to state that the success of Roseanne cane be credited to herself, just her. "It's all me," she explained, matter of factly.

Barr's statement, if it can even be called that, should probably be taken as a joke. True, the actress is notably outspoken and controversial. She's frequently said and done things that have rubbed people the wrong way, even as the Roseanne revival hit its meteoric success. Yet even Barr has to admit that a lot of people went into the creation and revival of Roseanne.

Barr is a big part of the reboot's return. The show does, after all, bare her name. Still, she's far from the only one on the staff. At the very least, Barr certainly does have more to do with the success of the series than Donald Trump, who had no hand in its creation.

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On the other hand, it's worth mentioning that the fact that Roseanne Conner would support Trump was heavily publicized before the series' return. The fact that Roseanne would be supporting the president was about as big news as the classic sitcom being brought back to join the growing TV revival trend. Some of Roseanne's ratings had to be due to sheer curiosity on how the sitcom would handle politics, from viewers on both sides of the political divide.

Trump is a huge topic of conversation. Discussion of him does trend to attract an audience. Various bits of media have incorporated Trump, in some form, to drum up interest, even when it makes very little sense. The recently released video game, Far Cry 5, has a mission to retrieve President Trump's infamous "pee tape." Trump is the hottest of hot topics and it would be naive to think that Roseanne's association with the President had no impact on the revival's massive ratings.

The true test is how much Roseanne's ratings will hold up for the rest of the revival, when politics aren't so front and center to the narrative. Roseanne already has a second season but it remains to be seen how successful the show will be moving forward.

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Source: TMZ

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