Roseanne Revival Trailer: The Conners Are Back

ABC has released the first trailer for its upcoming revival of classic 90s sitcom Roseanne, featuring the Conner clan back together. Running for 9 seasons - premiering in October 1988 and signing off in May 1997 - Roseanne primarily served as a vehicle for titular star Roseanne Barr, who had first gained fame as a stand-up comic. Barr was but one of many comedians to transition into sitcom stardom in the 80s and 90s, along with names like Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Lawrence, and Ellen DeGeneres.

In contrast to many other sitcoms of the time - such as Full House and The Cosby Show - which depicted financially secure families living in nice houses, Roseanne earned acclaim for focusing on the lives and struggles of a working class family in Illinois, the Conners. Both Roseanne and husband Dan (John Goodman) spent most of the series trying to get by working low-paying jobs, while their kids dealt with the reality that the things they wanted were often things that mom and dad couldn't afford to provide. Regardless, they still managed to view life with good humor.

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This blue collar aesthetic changed during Roseanne's highly controversial season 9, which saw the Conners win the lottery. To top it off, the series finale turned everything upside down by revealing that the Conners' onscreen story had simply been a book the real Roseanne Conner was writing, and that Dan was actually deceased. Thankfully, season 9 seems to be completely ignored by the Roseanne revival, as evidenced by the trailer above. The Conners are back, and they're really not much different than fans will remember them from the show's glory days. Check out the full trailer above.

Set to the AC/DC song "Whole Lotta Rosie," ABC's Roseanne revival trailer made its debut during tonight's 2018 Oscars telecast, and it's likely to create nostalgic feelings in those who watched the show during its original run. That said, one wonders if pure nostalgia will be enough to keep the revival afloat creatively. This certainly looks it retains most of Roseanne's old comedic sensibilities, but the world has changed a lot since the 90s, and so has what's popular in the world of comedy.

Additionally, Barr - an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump - has previously made it known that a big part of the revival will be an internal conflict between the liberal and conservative members of the Conner family. While this could indeed accurately represent the real-life political divide in America, one wonders if the focus on politics might put off more viewers than it brings in. Regardless, it's likely that Roseanne's March return will - at least initially - draw big ratings, as those who once enjoyed the show come back to see if the magic still remains.

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Roseanne season 10 premieres March 27 on ABC.

Source: ABC

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