Roseanne Revival Ratings Are Dropping; Hit New Low

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The Roseanne revival's ratings are continuously dropping and it just experienced its lowest ratings to date this week. What's interesting - and worrying for the much-touted TV series - is that revival has lost nearly half the audience that tuned in to its record-breaking premiere episode.

Set in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois, the original Roseanne focused upon the titular matriarch of the Conner clan as she attempted to raise three children and run a series of small businesses with her husband, Dan. The show ran for nine seasons (though many fans skip over Roseanne's gimmick-driven final season) and was praised for addressing social issues that no other situation comedy of the day would touch. The revival is breaking similar ground this time around, with Roseanne Conner now being a vocal Trump supporter despite heading the sort of blended household that contradicts what some would consider a typical American family should look like.

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TV By The Numbers notes that the Roseanne revival is seeing a constant viewership drop and the latest episode seems to have placed the series at rock bottom. The Roseanne premiere episode attracted 18.44 million viewers. The latest episode, which aired on May 1, only attracted 10.42 million viewers. That's certainly higher than what cable programs typically get, but it's not exactly glowing for a network like ABC.

While 10.42 million viewers is still a respectable number, it still represents a 21% drop in viewership over the course of one week, with the previous week's viewership being 13.264 million viewers. This marks a shockingly steep decline even allowing for the fact that show's ratings have been dropping since the premiere. A more worrying point is that Roseanne failed to be the highest rated show in its time slot, coming in second to the latest episode of NCIS, which also won the night with 12.35 million viewers. Roseanne barely beat out CBS drama Bull (10.37 million viewersto be the second-highest rated television series of the evening, let alone second best in its time slot.

Despite these plummeting ratings, it seems unlikely that ABC will reconsider their decision to renew Roseanne for a second season - a call that was forecast the Wednesday after the record-breaking first episode aired. It's possible that the NCIS victory was a fluke, fueled by the upcoming departure of fan favorite actress Pauley Perrette. Nevertheless, this is still a worrying trend for a series that was being hyped for having attracted more viewers than the season finale of The Walking Dead only a few weeks ago. Only time will tell if things will start to look up again for the Conners, but for now, there is no joy in Lanford.

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Source: TV By The Numbers

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