Roseanne Revival Reveals New Opening Credits Sequence

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ABC's Roseanne revival has debuted a brand new opening credits sequence featuring most of the returning cast members, together with a few new additions. Roseanne soon returns to the airwaves after 21 years, having bowed out in 1997 with one of the more bizarre final seasons in TV historyRecent promos for the show poked fun at the TV revival trend that has brought back so many long-extinct series like Roseanne. Another promo made fun of the show resurrecting Conner family patriarch Dan, who supposedly died in season 9.

Debuting in 1998, Roseanne chronicled the travails of the working-class Conner family, led by feisty Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) and her husband Dan (John Goodman). Audiences embraced the show's blue-collar humor and grounded situations, turning it into a ratings giant. Given the show's huge popularity, it was no shock to see ABC order up 9 new episodes set to air in 2018. Original cast members Barr, Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Lecy Goranson and Michael Fishman all return. And yes, original cast member Johnny Galecki of Big Bang Theory fame will also pop up.

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With Roseanne set to return this month, TV Line has debuted a new opening credits sequence for the show. The clip shows most of the Conner family - now extended to include a number of grandkids - gathering in the familiar Conner family kitchen for a raucous meal. See the clip above.

John Goodman and the cast of Roseanne

The second fans hear the harmonica fire up at the start of the clip, they'll truly know Roseanne is back. The swirling camera shot, circling around the table as the family gathers in the kitchen, recreates the openings from the show's first seven seasons. But everyone is of course older now and there are a lot more people. And there's no sign of Crystal. Thankfully they elected to recreate the classic Roseanne opening and not the one from season 8 which employed truly awful morphing effects to show how the characters had changed over the years, or the season 9 opening which added unneeded lyrics to the theme song. Of course it all wraps up with that iconic Roseanne laugh.

In addition to Roseanne, Dan, Darlene, Jackie, Becky and D.J., the open gives fans a glimpse of the new members of the Conner clan. We see Ames McNamara, who plays Darlene and David's son Mark. In a nod to the show's arrival in the 2010s, we next see Darlene grabbing the cell phone away from her daughter Harris, played by Emma Kenney. Lastly, we get a look at D.J.'s daughter Mary, played by Jayden Rey. Notable by his absence from the opening? Johnny Galecki. Though Galecki did sign on for the series, we don't yet know how much he will actually appear. We've already learned a few other important details about the revival ahead of its debut. The biggest reveal so far? Dan and Roseanne have become Trump supporters. The Trump angle is sure to create an interesting dynamic in the diverse Conner household.

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 Roseanne premieres on ABC on Tuesday, March 27th at 8/7c.

Source: TV Line

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