Roseanne Barr Defiantly Responds to ABC Canceling Her Show

Comedian and former sitcom star Roseanne Barr has taken to Twitter to respond to her show's cancellation. The revival of Roseanne was popular and initially earned a renewal for a second season. Despite this, the show has generated a number of controversies during the time it aired. From the accusation that the show's jokes belittled ABC's diverse programming line up to Barr's attempts at being controversially humorous by making racist and derogatory tweets.

The show, focusing on a middle class American family, became famous during its first television run for tackling issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia. It ran for 10 seasons and ABC renewed it for an 11th. The show took a drastic turn when Barr brought in her personal politics as a Trump supporter. Barr's controversial humor continued to generate interest despite her growing racist rhetoric until she made a derogatory comment about former President Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, which ABC president Channing Dungey labeled as "abhorrent and repugnant." The comment generated an incredibly swift Twitter backlash demanding Roseanne's cancellation. ABC responded to the internet backlash by cancelling her show.

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In the wake of the backlash, Roseanne took to Twitter to respond to her show's cancellation. The actress praised the show's actors and writers and apologized to them, claiming responsibility for her tweet. The actress's apology tied in her personal politics as well. Barr has been an ardent supporter of US president Donald Trump and his policies and ideals. She tied that into the show, using it to create her comedy. Despite the show being the most watched sitcom in three years, critics began to petition for a boycott of the show after her tweet about Valerie Jarrett. Barr's tweet has since been deleted, but this is what it said:

"Don't feel sorry for me, guys!!-I just want to apologize to the hundreds of people,and wonderful writers (all liberal) and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet. I will be on Joe Rogan's podcast friday.

James Pickens Jr. Roseanne Barr and John Goodman in Roseanne

The actress also retweeted tweets from her supporters who rallied behind the hashtag #StandbyRoseanne. After seeing that her tweets from supporters weren't gaining traction, Barr then took a different tactic, asking for her supporters to not defend her. The actress has claimed that losing her show was nothing compared to being labeled a racist. However, this tactic is at odds with her previous retweets from her supporters that point out supposed hypocrisy on behalf of the Walt Disney Company when comparing her remarks to the remarks made by other Disney employees about the current administration.

Audiences and fans are free to believe whatever they'd like about her reactions to her show's cancellation. The show's original intention was to bridge the gap between the two sides of the American political spectrum. It attempted to succeed in a number of ways, trying to tackle topics such as gender, race, and sexual preferences in the United States. The show's working class roots appealed to a number of people, and Roseanne was written into the public consciousness as a part of the American zeitgeist. Thanks to the backlash against her humor, her mark on the American consciousness might be very well have ended all thanks to a poor attempt at controversial humor. The actress is currently attempting to diffuse attempts by her supporters to boycott ABC. Despite this, the comedian's future projects remain a mystery and her future remains uncertain.

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