Zach Braff Slams Roseanne in Brutal Response to Alex, Inc. Cancellation

The Roseanne backlash continues to echo all throughout the internet, inspiring comments from fans, foes, and fellow network stars. This time, actor and filmmaker Zach Braff fired off a derisive GIF targeting Roseanne Bar and her series, which returned to American television in its tenth season revival on ABC back in March, and was summarily canceled by the network this week, following racist comments made by its former star actress.

As for Zach Braff, he recently dealt with his own series cancellation, although these two shows met with very different ends. He was starring in the new show Alex, Inc., which once shared a space on the same network as Roseanne, only to be canceled earlier this month. Alex, Inc. was a concept originally based on the Gimlet Media podcast StartUp, which is a successful ongoing series chronicling the ups and downs of start up businesses, now in its seventh season.

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The actor tweeted a GIF drawn from his smash hit series Scrubs, depicting his character JD distractedly, but pleasantly, sponging down his stuffed dog Rowdy in the bath (Rowdy is a beloved anthropomorphic familiar for JD and Turk in the series). The tweet reads, “When your show got canceled, but you’re not racist.”

The tenth season of Roseanne saw impressive ratings through much of its run, with the premiere earning the highest sitcom ratings for a TV sitcom in three years. Later episodes even outperformed other television mainstays, with the airing of The Walking Dead’s season 8 finale outdone by the sitcom, representing a rare win of broadcast television over cable. While ratings eventually dropped for Roseanne, the news of the cancellation bears particular significance in light of another season having been formerly ordered by ABC, prior to Barr’s comments, and since rescinded.

First reports of the response to Barr’s tweet led to extensive hashtag campaigns online, with fans and foes alike asking ABC to address the actions and statements of their series star with #SuspendRoseanneNow. The follow up was surprisingly swift, and a cancellation of Roseanne was issued by the network before the end of business that day, amid former costars joining in the fray to voice their own opinions about her statement and the network’s judgment.

Much like other celebrities, Zach Braff isn’t minding his business, and possesses a unique perspective from his vantage. Alex, Inc. may have been canceled on May 16, but it was able to go out in a far less dramatic fashion.

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Source: Zach Braff / Twitter

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