Roseanne Barr Disgusted By All the Support for James Gunn

In an early morning tweet, Roseanne Barr expressed disgust at the level of support being shown for fired Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gunn. Disney dismissed Gunn after years-old tweets of his resurfaced, in which he made offensive jokes about rape and pedophilia. Since the firing, Gunn has received an outpouring of support both from his Guardians colleagues and Hollywood at large.

In May, Barr herself came under fire for a racist tweet aimed at former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. Barr's sitcom Roseanne was swiftly canceled by Disney-owned ABC after a successful revival season leading to a second season order. Later, ABC resurrected Roseanne as the spinoff show The Conners, after reaching an agreement with Barr which will see her reaping no financial rewards from the new show. Barr has become increasingly combative in the weeks since, continuing to make public statements that express defiance rather than remorse.

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Far from dialing back her campaign against Hollywood, Barr has instead upped the ante yet again, using Twitter to vent her frustration over the level of support being shown to Gunn after his firing. Clearly believing there is a double-standard in play, Barr tweeted:

Barr has vehemently insisted that her tweet about Valerie Jarrett was an innocent mistake as she didn't realize Jarrett was black. The voices of condemnation raised against Barr in the immediate wake of that tweet included those of her Roseanne cast mates, particularly Sara Gilbert and Michael Fishman, both of whom were ripped by Barr for "throwing her under the bus." It's been a very different story for Gunn, who has received almost universal support from his Guardians of the Galaxy colleagues. Drax actor Dave Bautista came out swinging right after the firing, and has since been joined by Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt. Gunn's long-time collaborator Michael Rooker, who played Yondu in both Guardians films, quit Twitter in protest over Disney's decision to fire Gunn.

After Disney made the decision to let him go, an apologetic Gunn released a statement taking responsibility for his tasteless tweets, posted nearly 10 years ago. Barr released her own initial statement apologizing for her racist tweet, but has since reversed course and gone on the defensive, characterizing her firing as a politically motivated blacklisting. Gunn's fans have made their feelings known to Disney by circulating a petition calling for him to be re-hired, but it seems unlikely the company will comply.

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Source: Roseanne Barr/Twitter

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