Roseanne Barr Offered Adult Film Role Following TV Cancellation

Roseanne Barr has a new job offer on the table and it's something no one expected. The comedienne whose racist tweet caused a controversy that got her hit show cancelled by ABC, has been given an offer by adult film company XBlaze to appear in their new line of films. This line will be "cleverly" called XXLBlaze. The name of the line should give a very specific idea of what type of genre will be its specialty.

The chances of Roseanne accepting the offer are about as high as ABC un-cancelling Roseanne with the actress returning as the lead. Yet XBlaze is trying their hardest to appeal to the actress who, through her own actions, has deservedly become a Hollywood pariah.

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The Wrap was the first to break the news of Roseanne's "potential" new gig. Per a press release, XBlaze is offering Barr $150,000 to appear in its first scene for its new BBW line.  Those unfamiliar with what that abbreviation means in relation to adult films should definitely not search for it online while at work, or with family in the room. The CEO of XBlaze, Jeff Dillon, has even gone as far to write an open letter to Barr. Dillon writes:

Part of what makes you unique as an actress, entrepreneur and media personality is your attitude, specific beliefs and openness in saying exactly what you think and feel. Sometimes that can get you into trouble, especially in this politically correct world we now live in. While this is not your usual brand of mainstream entertainment, we are certain that someone like you, a superstar still VERY influential in today’s pop culture, can pull off the performance of a lifetime as an adult entertainer in an industry that allows its stars to be themselves.

Roseanne revival 2018

If there's a trophy for ridiculousness when offering embattled Hollywood stars a role in an adult film, Dillon earns it. The CEO praises Roseanne's work, calls her incredibly influential and even manages to drop the phrase "politically correct" into it all. The impossible is truly possible. Even more insanely, this isn't the first time that Roseanne Barr has been offered a role in the adult film industry. In 2013, long before the current controversy, Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch expressed a desire to work with Roseanne to launch a line of "geriatric porn." Unsurprisingly, nothing came of that offer.

Dillon, or anyone else for that matter, shouldn't be holding their breath for Roseanne to accept this offer either. Roseanne might not have a job lined up right now, but she definitely isn't shrinking from the criticism surrounding her.  The actress hasn't faded from the public eye, at all, since the cancellation of her sitcom. After Roseanne Barr claimed she was quitting Twitter after the tweet that started the fire that burned down her sitcom's revival, the actress issued an apology on the platform. While Roseanne claimed that her actions were inexcusable, she didn't let that sentiment rest for long. Barr then proceeded to retweet the statements of fans that seemed to fly directly in the face of her apology.

Roseanne also blamed her tweet, where she compared a former President Obama aide to an ape, on Ambien. Ambien has since responded that racism isn't one of their known side-effects. Meanwhile, there are rumors that following its cancellation, Roseanne will be spun-off into a new series. The spin-off will gather together most of the revival's cast, sans Barr. The new series will focus on Conner family daughter, Darlene (who is played Sara Gilbert). This would allow ABC to capitalize on some of the success of Roseanne, without the firebrand star. The chances of Darlene happening are about 200 percent more likely than Roseanne Barr joining the adult film industry.

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Source: The Wrap

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