Rosario Dawson Talks 'Sin City 2'

To say that a sequel to the brilliantly fun and visually stunning Sin City is hotly anticipated is an understatement, indeed. But it's been four years since the first and some of us are getting anxious about whether or not we will actually see another one anytime soon.

Well appears that it is still in the development stages as in an interview, star of the first film Rosario Dawson gave us a little bit (and I'm sorry to say "little" is the correct description) about the progress of Sin City 2:

Q: Jamie King said she's read the "Sin City 2" script. Have you?

Rosario Dawson: No, I have not. She's working with Frank [Miller] to possibly produce something together. I just talked to Frank about it though and said he finished it a couple of months ago so I'm really excited to get it going. Supposedly it's going to happen in 2009.

Q: Did he tell you anything specifically about the script?Dawson: I get to wear a mask in this one. Is that specific enough?

Q: Where you would like to see your character go in the next film?Dawson: Gail? I think Gail is pretty much Gail. What you see is what you get. I don't think she's going to be poppin' out any babies and singing any songs or anything like that. What's actually really fun about it is that we get to investigate it a little bit more into the storyline that was actually in "Sin City 2" - that middle chapter which is where Gail mostly was. Investigate a little more as to who is this man and what are they talking about when he's got a different face.

It's not much but at least it's something. At least it reaffirms the fact that we will see this sequel and one can only hope that the hoped 2009 date for getting this thing made moves from "supposedly" to "definitely."

I wasn't as big on Sin City as a lot of people were (especially on repeat viewings) but that's not to say I don't think it's great. The visuals were something we hadn't really seen before, the characters were all iconic and fun to watch, the action was over-the-top but in an enjoyable way (something Frank Miller's own The Spirit tried and painfully failed to do) and overall it was a unique film that absolutely warrants more.

I just hope everything goes smooth with it, though - the long wait we've had to endure doesn't exactly inspire confidence but let's just hope this little bit of update info from Dawson isn't at all a rare thing...

So are you looking forward to Sin City 2?


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