Rosamund Pike Doesn’t Think There Should Be a Female James Bond

James Bond franchise veteran Rosamund Pike doesn't think there should be a female Bond, but likes the idea of a Bond Girl movie spinoff.

Rosamund Pike, co-star of the upcoming spy thriller Beirut, doesn’t like the concept of a female James Bond. In a recent interview, the former Bond Girl expressed her thoughts on Ian Fleming's iconic creation, and what should happen after Daniel Craig’s final performance as the international man of mystery.

In 2002, Pike made her feature film debut in Lee Tamahori’s Die Another Day, the 20th installment in the James Bond movie franchise. Starring opposite Pierce Brosnan, she portrayed Miranda Frost, a Harvard-educated former Olympian, who also happens to be a double agent. Pike, an English actress, began her career on stage while studying English literature at Oxford’s Wadham College. Over the years, she's appeared in numerous British productions, yet American moviegoers may recognize her most as Amy Dunne from David Fincher’s 2014 crime drama Gone Girl, a role that earned Pike an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. In her latest film, Brad Anderson’s Beirut, Pike stars alongside Jon Hamm in an '80s-set narrative during the Lebanese Civil War.

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During a promotional interview with UPROXX, Pike discussed her latest film and her character’s role within a man-dominated world. When asked about whether the next James Bond should be a woman, Pike insinuated that, as a female actress, she wouldn’t want “sloppy seconds.” In addition, she commented on the character's famous masculinity while suggesting that a Bond Girl should receive her own series - an “unexpected, unapologetic, kick-ass, amazing female agent." Unsurprisingly, Pike also noted that she’s ready for the role.

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In recent weeks, the female Bond debate has been heating up, this coming after Danny Boyle was announced as Bond 25’s director. Yesterday, Craig confirmed that Bond 25 will be his next film. Scheduled for a November 2019 release, Bond 25 marks Craig’s fifth turn as the fictional MI6 agent. On social media, many share Pike’s opinion that a female character should receive her own narrative. For others, it’s exciting to imagine a James Bond gender swap, and with a popular actress stepping into the character’s shoes.

Given that we’re still 18 months away from Bond 25’s release, there’s plenty of time to consider different possibilities for the main character, along with narratives for spin-off franchises. Furthermore, the next iconic Bond Girl may not even be famous yet. After all, Pike was relatively unknown when she portrayed Miranda Frost. So, rather than debating which A-lister deserves a Bond franchise, perhaps we should identify the next rising stars that need (and want) the platform.

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Source: UPROXX

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