The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Is Now Teasing Spider-Man 4 For Some Reason

The Room director Tommy Wiseau has begun teasing Spider-Man 4, for some reason. It may be widely regarded as the worst movie of all-time, but The Room nevertheless boasts a following that surpasses that of most legitimately good movies. Wiseau himself earned a certain arguably unfortunate cult fame off the film, later becoming a more mainstream figure thanks to James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, a feature film detailing the making of The Room with Franco himself playing Wiseau (and earning a Golden Globe for his performance).

Ever since becoming more well-known thanks to Franco and The Disaster Artist, Wiseau has done everything he can think of to keep himself marginally in the entertainment headlines, attaching his name to everything from the WWE to Marvel to The Joker. Recently, Wiseau launched a campaign to get himself added to the cast of The Suicide Squad, prompting an actual response from the film's director James Gunn. Wiseau has also continued his movie career (such as it is), reuniting with his Room co-star Greg Sestero for the two-part movie Best F(r)iends and returning to directing for the highly anticipated horror film Big Shark, whose trailer can only be described as quintessentially Wiseau. Of course, Wiseau also continues to make hay off The Room, teasing both a musical and a 3D remake of his “masterpiece.”

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For his latest bit of tomfoolery, Wiseau took to Twitter to post a piece of clearly fake Spider-Man 4 art that proudly announces it to be “A Tommy Wiseau Film.” Check out the post in the space below:

Obviously, Wiseau will not be directing Spider-Man 4, or any other Spider-Man movie for that matter. Actual real life plans for the future of the Spider-Man franchise currently do include a third MCU movie starring Tom Holland, following up the success of this year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. It’s also expected that Holland’s Peter Parker will eventually appear opposite Tom Hardy’s Venom as Sony and Disney continue to share the character after striking a new deal.

Indeed, it is nothing but wishful thinking on Wiseau’s part that he will ever direct an MCU movie or even appear in an MCU movie in anything but a brief cameo (and even a brief cameo seems like a long shot). But of course, dreaming big is all a part of the Wiseau myth, and whatever one thinks of his talents, there’s no denying that Wiseau has created a persona that people respond to and has, somehow or another, succeeded in making himself a celebrity. And Wiseau continues to make movies, which in itself is something of a triumph considering how disastrous The Room turned out to be.

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Source: Tommy Wiseau/Twitter

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