The Room's Tommy Wiseau Stars in Best F(r)iends Trailer

The trailer has been released for Best F(r)iends, the two-part movie reteaming of Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero from The Room.

Tommy Wiseau and his The Room co-star Greg Sestero reteam in the trailer for Best F(r)iends. Tommy Wiseau has become something of a living legend in Hollywood, as immortalized in last year's film The Disaster Artist. Unable to find work as an actor, he wrote a movie for himself and best friend Sestero to star in. The Room is an odd combination of unrealistic moments and extreme strangeness combined into a film that is in no way good - but famously entertaining.

With the release of The Disaster Artist to wide acclaim - based on Sestero's book about his friendship with Wiseau and the unique experience of making The Room - now Wiseau's story is even more widely known. And he has been enjoying his new found level of fame. From trying to speak when James Franco brought him onstage during the Golden Globes to publicly campaigning to play The Joker, Wiseau certainly seems to be basking in the spotlight.


After seeing an early cut of The Disaster Artist, Sestero was feeling sympathy for his old friend. So he decided to write a new movie for Wiseau and himself to star in. That movie - titled Best F(r)iends - has actually become two volumes. And the trailer for the first volume, which is now on the film's YouTube channel, shows a weird and dark story that is inspired by an actual road trip Wiseau and Sestero went on together.

Best F(r)iends is the story of a mortician - played by Wiseau - who befriends a drifter - Sestero - and the two of them come up with a scheme to get rich. Jealous, greed, and anger threatens both their friendship and their scam. While the trailer is largely short clips and montages, not revealing much of the film's story, there are a number of images which are striking and memorable. From a clown in the mortuary to Sestero handcuffed to the leg of a metal table to both men dancing as money rains down in front of an ATM in a garage, there are moments in the trailer with the potential to stay with the viewer. Not to mention numerous shots of bodies, and Sestero covered in blood.

Aside from writing and co-starring in the film, Sestero also was one of the producers, whereas Wiseau simply is an actor. This is a role reversal from The Room which Wiseau wrote, acted in, produced, and was credited for directing though there's some doubt regarding that last oneBest F(r)iends is directed by Sestero's friend Justin MacGregor. It's hard to know if the movie is a drama or comedy based on the trailer. The story and scenes certainly seem to be dramatic, but one could conceivably say the same thing about The Room. In any case, with the success of The Disaster Artist so recent, the time is perfect for Tommy Wiseau to be back in theaters in a new film.


The first half of the Best F(r)iends duology plays in select theaters on March 30 and April 2.

Source: Best F(r)iends

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