The Room Honest Trailer: Tommy Wiseau is an Unintentional Genius

With the release of James Franco's The Disaster Artist just around the corner, it was a no-brainer for Screen Junkies to finally cave into demands and produce an Honest Trailer for its inspiration. So Tommy Wiseau's legendary so-bad-it's-good offering The Room, is the focus for this week's Honest Trailer, and all the usual insightful and snarky humor that you would expect. If you have yet to experience the delights of the movie, it provides an excellent taster of all the reasons why it became such a cult hit.

At its heart The Room is a 2003 Indie romantic drama about a love triangle, between a financial worker called Johnny (Wiseau), his unfaithful fiancée Lisa (Juliette Danielle), and his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). It was written, directed, and produced by Wiseau, and could have faded from cinematic memory if not for plenty of overriding factors. A plethora of non-essential sub-plots, repeated lines, some questionable acting, and many more quirks all made it a favorite for late-night crowds and those looking for something different. Sestero wrote a memoir of the making of the movie in 2013, and it was this that eventually led to Franco's film, which has already picked up massive critical acclaim.

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The Honest Trailer (which can be viewed above) starts with a strangely poetic - and arguably accurate - description of The Room as owning a "sheer amount of suck that will collapse in on itself like a dying star, and explode in a supernova of unintentional genius." The video then goes on to examine the enigma of Johnny/Wiseau himself with his constant laughing, often for no apparent reason and, in one case, entirely inappropriately. There's a short critique of the bizarre sub-plots, with the aside that there are enough "plot-threads to weave a blanket." The entirely jaw-dropping casual references to breast cancer and violent drug deals are also called out.

Perhaps the best visually represented moments in the Honest Trailer are the very long sequences, which show genuinely unedited moments of unnecessary details - namely Johnny taking an age to attach a recorder to a phone, and the meal orders placed in a restaurant as Johnny queues with Greg. The infamous sex scenes get a moment as well ("an alien's approximation of human lovemaking"). And then there are great smash-cuts of the spoon-art, people saying "Don't Worry," and Lisa not wanting to talk about things. And that's not even mentioning the chicken impressions.

Like most of the Honest Trailers, there's plenty of affection in the presentation rather than just cruel humor. It really brings home the weird and unique qualities of Wiseau's movie, and it'll be surprising if some people don't actually seek it out after watching this, if the publicity around The Disaster Artist hasn't already driven them to do so. With the positive reactions that The Disaster Artist has received, and the fact that Franco effectively remade 25 minutes of The Room, this is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the general release of that movie and remind yourself that genius is subjective.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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