CBS Cop-Drama 'Rookies' Recruits Adam Goldberg & Leelee Sobieski


If the pedigree of executive producer Robert De Niro wasn’t enough to get you the least bit interested in the new cop drama Rookies, then perhaps the addition of the Hebrew Hammer himself will be enough to garner your interest.

Veteran actor Adam Goldberg (Dazed and Confused, A Beautiful Mind) has signed on to join Leelee Sobieski (Eyes Wide Shut, Joy Ride) in the new drama pilot for CBS.

Rookies focuses on six green NYPD cops as they adjust to life on the force and attempt to balance their personal lives with their professional ones. Goldberg will play the transparently named rookie Lazarus, a former reporter who knows how to cultivate sources and get them to talk. Meanwhile, Sobieski will play against type as Gen, an attractive former White House Color Guard – the kind of atypical beauty that programs like this love to build storylines around.

Rookies is the latest example of a television program that rests its appeal solely on the shoulders of the talent held within. Let’s face it, it’s slightly tweaked, but we’ve seen this premise time and time again – in fact, ABC recently imported the similarly themed Canadian program, Rookie Blue, as summer filler, but that show went somewhat unnoticed. The success of Rookies will have to be in its execution as well as the ability of the actors to garner interest through great storytelling.

Perhaps knowing this, De Niro and his fellow producer Jane Rosenthal, along with Richard Price (Clockers, The Color of Money), have brought in director James Mangold (Knight and Day, Cop Land) to direct the pilot. As exhibited in films like Cop Land, Mangold has the directorial ability to handle such an undertaking, and as this burgeoning ensemble continues to manifest, his ability to work with large groups of well-known actors will prove an even greater asset.


While the talent intrigues me, I don’t see this one taking off like a rocket from the start. It just sounds like it will be a slow burn show constantly teetering on the edge of not having enough viewers. That being said, Rookies may have found the right network to nurture it into a a successful series. CBS was able to take the Tom Selleck led cop series, Blue Bloods, and make it work despite starting it off on Friday nights, so why not Rookies?

One thing is for certain, the pressure for Rookies to succeed will increase exponentially with each subsequent “name” like Goldberg or Sobieski it adds to the show’s ever-expanding line up. At the end of the day, more so than anything else, the cast will either be praised for the show’s success, or condemned for its failure.


Will star power alone be enough to get you excited for this cop drama?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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