This Ronald McDonald Action Short is Horrifying (and Funny)

Ronald McDonald in Mac and Me

A horrifying but hilarious parody action short starring McDonald’s clown mascot Ronald McDonald is making the rounds on Twitter. The flame-haired, ever-smiling Ronald McDonald officially became the McDonald’s mascot in 1963, and has been synonymous with the burger chain ever since.

He’s usually seen goofing around McDonald’s restaurants in adverts entertaining kids and dishing out burgers and fries, but the Ronald in this video is a far cry from the happy, grinning clown kids know and love, and the result is hysterical (if a little terrifying).

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The viral clip was posted by Twitter account Best Fights yesterday with the warning “If you are scared of clowns, do not watch this,” and has so far had nearly 18,000 retweets. The clip is actually part of a five-minute long video originally titled Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter! that was posted on YouTube in 2015 by black comedy duo and twin brothers RackaRacka. The full video explains exactly why Ronald McDonald goes on his murderous rampage - apparently if you say Ronald McDonald’s name in the mirror three times, this kind of thing is to be expected. Kind of like the soon to be rebooted horror classic Candyman, only somehow way more terrifying. See both the Twitter clip and full video below.

The two and a half minute viral clip posted to Twitter shows a crazed Ronald McDonald going absolutely postal on a bunch of kids in what appears to be some sort of indoor playground-style establishment. When we say ‘postal’ we mean it. Psycho Ronald goes to town on these kids - axing them down, choking them, manically stabbing a kid as he glides in tandem down a slide with them. At one point, evil Ronald even rips out the tongue of a playground attendant before slapping him across the face with it and sticking the severed tongue in his own mouth - yes, really. Immediately after, in a scene seemingly inspired by horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Ronald produces a chainsaw out of nowhere and chases some poor kid while wielding the thing like a red-haired version of Texas Chain Saw’s iconic villain Leatherface. Put simply, it’s not a video for the easily offended or faint of heart, but those who happen to have a dark sense of humor should find it absolutely hilarious.

This isn’t the only RackaRacka video in which a twisted incarnation of Ronald McDonald has made an appearance. He’s also starred in videos called Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre, Ronald McDonald VS Cookie Monster and Ronald McDonald BURNS THE BURGER KING! which - as you can imagine - are just as wickedly funny. Considering that clowns are nightmare fuel for many, it’s not too surprising that Ronald McDonald’s appearance in RackaRacka’s video is so disturbing. Clowns have made for some of the most horrifying villains in recent film and TV history - like the evil child-murdering Pennywise the Clown from IT or the terrifying carnival clown-turned-serial killer Twisty on American Horror Story. But as disturbing as Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter! is, many are likely to find it pretty funny.

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