Ron Howard Retweeting Solo Praise That Bashes The Last Jedi

Some of the positive Solo: A Star Wars Story fan reactions Ron Howard is retweeting simultaneously criticize The Last Jedi. The last handful of months have been rather interesting for the galaxy far, far away to say the least. While there was much hype and anticipation surrounding the December 2017 premiere of Episode VIII, the conversation surrounding Rian Johnson's film quickly turned toxic as viewers heatedly debated over its various pros and cons. Even today, people can't agree if its deconstructive stance honored the franchise's rich legacy or ruined what made Star Wars so special.

The Last Jedi divisiveness is what made Solo so perfectly placed on Lucasfilm's release slate at first glance. Trailers and TV spots for Howard's spinoff sold the film as a throwback heist adventure that primarily concerned itself with being a fun moviegoing experience. The general Solo consensus that's emerged since the movie debut is that it's exactly that, making it a far cry from the challenging subversions of Last Jedi. Apparently, that's something that hasn't slipped by Howard himself.

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The filmmaker has been very active on social media lately interacting with viewers who have seen Solo during the early stages of its theatrical run. He frequently retweets enthusiastic audience reviews, which is to be expected. However, a close examination of some of the posts Howard is sharing with his followers reveal something rather interesting. He'll retweet those who have bad things to say about The Last Jedi in their praise for Solo. Check out some examples below:

Now, this isn't to imply Howard disliked The Last Jedi. In fact, after seeing Episode VIII last year, the director took to Twitter to congratulate Johnson on a job well done and remarked the crowd he saw it with cheered. Retweeting these comments is more of Howard's effort to send a message to those who didn't like Last Jedi, trying to tell them that Solo might be their cup of tea. Odds are, Howard is aware of the response Episode VIII generated, knowing that it soured some on the direction of the franchise. Even those who enjoyed The Last Jedi have remarked Solo's tone is reminiscent of the classic Star Wars films, which is certainly a selling point.

It'll be fascinating to see how the word-of-mouth impacts Solo at the box office over the next few weeks. The spinoff got off to a soft start over the Memorial Day weekend, though things are trending upwards as it enters its second weekend. It's no secret several were dubious of Solo's prospects in the months leading up to its release (especially after Last Jedi upset some), but perhaps now more people will be encouraged to see it on the big screen. Considering the production issues Solo went through, it's a minor miracle it didn't end up as an outright disaster, so it's definitely worth watching in theaters.

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