Ron Howard To Direct Stretch Armstrong Movie?

Earlier this month we reported on the "WTF?!" news that Hollywood was going to be bringing us a Stretch Armstrong movie. Yes, that's right, that toy/doll from your childhood whose muscly arms you could stretch. The film is part of a six-year deal between Universal Pictures and toy company Hasbro, and will be produced by Brian Grazer through his co-owned Imagine Entertainment company.

IESB is reporting that the Steve Oedekerk (Bruce Almighty, Kung Pow) penned Stretch Armstrong movie may have a director in the form of Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code, Apollo 13). The news comes from an article in Business Wire that notes that the movie industry is looking to toy lines to make movies instead of the other way around as has been the case (for the most part) up until this point. Here is the quote from the report:

"There's more [movies based on toys] on the way. Hasbro has a movie based on its G.I. Joe toy line coming out on Aug. 7. The company has an April 2011 release for a movie version of its Stretch Armstrong figure, to be directed by Ron Howard. That is part of a six-picture deal the company has with Universal Studios (GE), which included a movie version of Monopoly. Meanwhile, archrival Mattel (MAT) is working on movie versions of Hot Wheels and Major Matt Mason."

As IESB asks, is this a confirmation that Howard is directing Stretch Armstrong? Or is this a mix up thinking that Howard is directing because he co-owns Imagine Entertainment with Grazer (who's producing the film)? For now we will treat this as a possibility but not a confirmation.

Either way, I don't think who the director of this ridiculous movie idea is will make much of a difference. There are risky ideas that it takes skillful directors to make into a workable movie, and then there are ideas that are beyond workability... I think most definitely Stretch Armstrong is one of those latter ideas. Even if they go the semi-serious route, there is nothing much to set it apart from characters like Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man. I really don't see the incentive for making this movie out with the simple name recognition it would bring.

We will be sure to let you know when it's confirmed whether or not Howard is the director of Stretch Armstrong.

What do you think of Ron Howard possibly directing the Stretch Armstrong movie? Do you think there is any way this could possibly work as a movie?

Stretch Armstrong currently has an April, 2011 release date.

Source: IESB and Business Week

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