New Trailer For Ron Howard's 'The Dilemma'

After a decade long sojourn into dramatic adaptations and bio films, director Ron Howard makes a return to his comedy roots with the upcoming film The Dilemma.  Allan Loeb (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps) wrote the screenplay and Howard’s long-time producing partner, Brian Grazer, produced the film.

The Dilemma looks to be a slightly different take on the male “buddy” film. One in which the central plotline is an exploration into the “call of duty” in the relationship, rather than a task the guys must complete. Vince Vaughn and Kevin James play Ronny and Nick, long time best friends and business partners. You can judge for yourself by watching the newly released trailer below.

“Confirmed bachelor” Ronny (Vaughn) looks at Nick (James) as his “relationship guru” and model for matrimony. Until he discovers Nick’s wife Geneva (Winona Ryder) in a compromising position with a hot younger man (Channing Tatum).  Now, as the guys are fighting for the deal of a lifetime for their auto design business, Ronny must negotiate how and if to tell Nick of his discovery. He must also face the intensity of his investment in Nick and Geneva’s marriage, and how his disappointment will play into his own relationship with his girlfriend (Jennifer Connelly).

Take a look at the trailer below in which Nick restless with his secret and the demands of friendship.

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With Ron Howard at the helm, one would not necessarily expect this film to be the same brand of comedy as The Hangover (which was phenomenally hilarious). It will likely have a sweeter and more restrained tone in its exploration of the bonds of brotherly love. The film has a likable cast however, and Vince Vaughn is a strong comedic talent. It's possible that this film may work for many as a good "his and hers approved" winter film.

The Dilemma comes to theaters January 14th

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