Black Panther: Amazing Reaction Video of Students Discovering They’re Seeing the Film

Students at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta have been thrilled to learn they're going to see Black Panther, and the video of their celebration is now going viral. Black Panther is one of the most anticipated superhero films of the year (behind Avengers: Infinity War, of course). It's the first mainstream superhero film to be set in Africa, and the quality of world-building conducted by Marvel looks seeks to represent cultures that ordinarily are overlooked.

For instance, the film's costumes and fashions are based on actual African traditions. There's a Wakandan language that's shaped by real African languages. Plus, Marvel even drew up a map of the fictional African country in order to plan out the action. Meanwhile, the film promises to combine this phenomenal world-building with all the action and suspense of a James Bond movie. And all of that is helping hype up Black Panther - and it's getting teachers around the world excited for their students to see it as well.

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According to ABCNews, two teachers came up with the remarkable idea of marrying up Black Panther with the school curriculum. That meant director of curriculum and instruction Wade King had the honor of telling the students the school booked tickets for them to see the MCU film. The reaction was, frankly, quite incredible. Take a look:

The moment all of our students found out we are all going to see #blackpanther together!

— Ron Clark (@ronclarkacademy) February 2, 2018

Teachers have adapted their lessons to incorporate Black Panther into everything from math, science, and gym. In this case, students will use the comic books to explore imperial history as well as African art. The announcement was made at the weekly school-wide meeting. Some eighth-grade students opened it up with an African-inspired performance, before King made the announcement.

Some of our Ya’heard poets from RCA setting the tone for our Black Panther integration! @ArauzingInk #ronclarkacademy #blackpanther

— Wade King (@WadeKing7) February 2, 2018

They certainly did set the tone of the meeting, which turned into a tremendous celebration. King told ABC News: "They flipped out. It was like an explosion of just pure joy."

Black Panther will certainly give the school a lot to work with. Director Ryan Coogler has assembled a team who essentially built an entire fictional country from the ground-up. And with this kind of attention to detail, these Black Panther-inspired lessons are sure to be electric. What's more, the videos certainly give the impression Ron Clark Academy is an action-packed place to study in its own right. This new creative curriculum is a reminder that the best films can actually educate as well as entertain, and that's an important factor when it comes to comic book movies.

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Source: ABC News

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