It's The 80's Again: Romancing The Stone & Overboard Remakes

Almost exactly a year ago, we brought you news that 20th Century Fox was remaking the Michael Douglas adventure film, Romancing The Stone ,with Eagle Eye’s Daniel McDermott penning the script. Now the film has a director in the form of  The Ugly Truth's Robert Luketic (insert personal opinion here).

To make matters worse, it also seems like Hollywood is about to remake the 1987 Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn romantic team-up, Overboard!

It looks like the Romancing The Stone remake will hit the big-screen first, as the producer of the film, Emma Watts, was recently named  President of Production at 20th Century Fox. With Luketic involved, one would imagine that the comedy quota of the remake will be ramped up and the adventure angle will be ... er... god knows, really!

In the original RTS, Douglas played a fortune-hunter who becomes involved with Katheleen Turner's romance novelist in the search for a long-lost jewel (the 80s was, admittedly, a crazy time for movie plots).

Luketic's The Ugly Truth star Katherine Heigl is also now attached to the Overboard remake. The original film starred Goldie Hawn as an amnesiac millionairess who falls off her yacht only to have Kurt Russell pass her off as his wife (I told you, the 80s: crazy time for movie plots). Heigel is obviously attached in the Goldie Hawn role (although a switch in sexes may make this remake bearable) - could her Ugly Truth co-star Gerard Butler step into Russell's shoes? Well, he was in the frame to replace Russell in the now defunct Escape From New York Remake...

Bill Collage and Adam Cooper are currently working on a script for Overboard that will be produced by Devon Franklin.

I can't say that I'm excited about any of this. As a child of the 1980's, I have fond memories of both these films - I was taken to Overboard on my seventh birthday, so I have an emotional attachment to that film. While Romancing The Stone was a fun adventure film that had a charming lead in Michael Douglas and great support from Danny DeVito.

Considering that both these films are from genres that have endless material for originality (sort of), it really does make you wonder: why remake them? Having said that, I don't know what goes through a Movie Executive's mind, so I'm sure that there is some fiscal sense to be discerned. Somewhere.

More on Romancing The Stone and Overboard when we get it!

Source: Pajiba

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