Roman Reigns Defeats John Cena In A Clean Win At WWE's No Mercy

In a clash between two giant egos, Roman Reigns defeated John Cena, one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. After duking it out for over 20 minutes, Reigns defeated Cena with a powerful Spear. The match was no masterpiece from a technical point, but it was never going to be and didn't need to be.

This feud has been extremely entertaining from the get-go. In an era where more emphasis is put on technical prowess than words, this feud was exactly what WWE needed to keep both casual and hardcore fans engrossed in the product. The premise was simple: Cena left Smackdown for Raw in hopes of fighting the big dog. But in contrast to what he usually does, Cena came in with a slightly different attitude. Cena was brash and cocky. He claimed that Roman Reigns doesn't have the guts to fight him, and of course, Roman Reigns would have none of that. "I'm selling tickets you haven't sold in 5 years," said Roman Reigns. Reigns even called John Cena a phoney part-timer. The word "respect" was thrown around a lot. Would either wrestler gain the respect of the other? "John Cena VS Roman Reigns" is a match worthy of a Wrestlemania main event. The fact that this match happened now, in a throwaway Pay-Per-View, is baffling.

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As the match was about to start, Michael Cole reminded us that if Cena won the match, he would tie Takers record for most Pay-Per-View wins in WWE History: an astounding 94 victories. On top of that, both wrestlers believe they are loved, but are in fact the butts of jokes. The match had a lot of walking around and a lot of Cena and Reigns staring at each other. In other words, it was professional wrestling at its finest.

At the outset, Cena walked away, toying with the audiences. Reigns was having none of it and charged at Cena. The match turned action heavy as Cena and Reigns threw each other into the steel steps. Later, Cena had Reigns lying flat on his back, teasing the five knuckle shuffle. But right before he could execute it, Reigns stood up and delivered the Samoan drop. It was back and forth throughout the match. Roman Reigns kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment on four different occasions, including one from the second rope. Cena too kicked out of Reigns' finishing move, the Spear. Later, Roman Reigns delivered a Spear to John Cena through the announcers' table, but Cena kicked out of that too. Right at the end, with both men looking completely exhausted, Reigns delivered one final massive Spear to end the match.

The story doesn't end there. Both men lingered in the ring, looking at each other. Cena then walked over to Roman Reigns and raised Reigns' hand, signalling that Reigns had won his respect. Naturally, boos erupted all across the arena. Nobody wanted this feud to end this way. Once again, WWE teased us with a John Cena heel turn that never came.

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