10 Products For Fans Of Rom-Com Movies

Pretty Woman

From birthdays and holidays to random times when sweetness kicks in, we want and need to buy presents for loved ones at different times. And if we have someone in our life who is obsessed with romantic comedy flicks, then we should consider buying any or all of the following products!

From clothing items and decorations to kitchen tools and cards, all of these pieces reference this genre in general or a specific film. Giving something like the following 10 ideas will show our rom-com-loving pals how well we know them and how much we appreciate them and their passion!

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10 Rom-Com Shirt 

Show off this movie-related interest, hobby and passion with this terrific T-shirt! Tees always are smart gift options, since they can be dressed up under a blazer, worn to the gym or enjoyed while on the couch, watching yet another fab film.

This shirt is lightweight, with a classic fit. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors, including green, grey, pink and purple, which means this is something will work for so many of the rom-com lovers out there!

9 Rom-Com Movie Card


Wow, loving someone even more than romantic comedies … That is a big deal! If there are fans out there that we really, truly and deeply love, then we should pass all of that along with this adorable card.

It is printed on heavy, white cardstock and comes in an envelope that is 100 percent recycled, as well as a protective sleeve. Furthermore, the inside portion of this item is blank, so that a customized note can be included when we give our friend, family member or fellow movie buff this thoughtful present right here.

8 Say Anything Boombox Magnet


One of the most iconic movie scenes from this genre features John Cusack holding up a boombox in Say Anything.

Due to the popularity of this magical moment, we recommend considering this next affordable item: a magnet with that exact image! It is a 2" X 3" magnet that is made in the USA out of high-quality steel, mylar and plastic. It also ships in just one business day, so if anyone happens to be throwing a rom-com-themed party and needs the perfect party favor ASAP … This is the thing to get, for sure. 

7 Razzles Packets in a BlackTie Box


This next choice is another one that nods to a specific moment from a particular movie … Razzles is a candy that is mentioned and eaten in 13 Going On 30, and those who like that flick will also like receiving their own Razzles!

This pack comes with 100 two-piece packets, as well, so no one will be running out anytime soon (and those who are throwing that rom-com party we mentioned will have plenty of candy to hand out). Since this comes in a pretty package, too, the giver won’t even need to wrap it before presenting it to a fan.  

6 10 Things I Hate About You Quote Coffee Mug


In 10 Things I Hate About You, Kat Stratford (who was played by Julia Stiles) reads a poem aloud in class, which is, of course, all about Patrick Verona (who was played by Heath Ledger).

People who know and adore this film surely know and adore her words … which are printed on this coffee mug. Yes, this ceramic item can hold 11 ounces, has printing on both sides and is safe for the microwave and dishwasher. All of these are great reasons to keep this mug in mind, as is the fact that mugs always make for good gifts. 

5 Funko Movies - Pop! Pretty Woman 


In today’s day and age, those who are into certain films, games, shows or fictional words can show off their interests with Funko Pop figurines. These little guys are the perfect thing to give, as they are fantastic pieces of memorabilia … and this pack is better than the rest; it comes with Vivian is her bold outfit, Vivian in her iconic red dress and Edward looking as dapper as ever and holding a box, just like in that memorable movie scene.

Fans of Pretty Woman, the hit film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, deserve these figures!

4 Clueless Movie Art Print 


Another famous film from the rom-com genre is Clueless, which starred Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz. Cher is an icon, even for those who are not obsessed with romantic comedies.

That being said, there are many out there who would enjoy receiving and displaying this art print; it is a watercolor painting that features some of Cher’s belongings, such as her big ol’ cell phone, her pink pen and her known yellow plaid outfit. Yes, fans of the 1990s, of fun fashions, of Clueless and of other flicks like this need to own this art. 

3 ST ELMO'S FIRE Squad Goals Tote Bag


Something else that is smart to buy for loved ones is a tote bag, as these environmentally friendly items have so many uses. This one is made out of a high-quality and natural canvas, with naturally grown and ethically sourced cotton fibers.

The main appeal here, though, is the writing on the bag: It lists out names of characters from St. Elmo’s Fire, so, yes, this is squad goals for sure (and true fans will definitely agree here)! Plus, there are many options for the color of the font, such as army green, gold or magenta.

2 You’ve Got Mail Wood Sign 


The title of one of the most classic romantic comedies of all time is printed on this wooden sign: You’ve Got Mail. Of course, this is also just a simple statement that is true for many throughout their days and weeks.

Therefore, this would look great by a front door (for someone to see while heading out to their mailbox), on a bedside table (for someone to look at before sending/receiving a sweet text) or in an office (for someone to enjoy while checking emails). No matter where it ends up, we know this is another product rom-com lovers would love to receive! 

1 To Me You Are Perfect Mug


Last but not least, here is another magnificent mug. First off, it holds 11 ounces, is printed in the USA, has a high-gloss finish, is made out of durable ceramic and is microwave- freezer- and dishwasher-safe.

Secondly, it works well for favorite drinks, even soups or just as a decorative item. And it displays another well-known scene from another beloved movie (which is also a holiday film, as well!); it shows Mark (Andrew Lincoln) holding up that sweet sign to Juliet (Keira Knightley) in Love Actually, and when given, this will tell yet another person how perfect they are.

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