Roland Emmerich Talks 'Singularity'; Not Directing 'Asteroids' Movie

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Independence Day filmmaker Roland Emmerich has been indicating for a while now that he wants to take a break from destroying the planet after his end-all disaster movie 2012. However, that didn't prevent rumors from circulating about how he might get back into the disaster business by helming the Asteroids arcade game movie next.

Word from Emmerich himself is that he's chosen to pass on directing the Asteroids adaptation for Universal. He instead expects to soon begin production on his mystery sci-fi project, Singularity, which was acquired by Sony earlier this summer.

Emmerich and his 10,000 B.C./2012 co-scriber Harald Kloser are collaborating again on Singularity - the title of which can refer to either a black hole or the point where artificial intelligence exceeds human intelligence. Judging by Emmerich's recent comments, it's the latter, in this case.

Here is what Emmerich had to offer Collider, on the matter:

"... ['Singularity'] takes place in the future 40 years from now. It's like kind of this moment where computer technology is so advanced that we kind of - it's the danger of losing control..."

The filmmaker also mentioned that he wants "to stay a little bit away from disaster" since he's already made so many straightforward entries in that genre. Implicit in that statement was an explanation for why he passed on helming Asteroids - which, as scripted by Matt Lopez (The Sorcerer's Apprentice), is said to be a futuristic sci-fi flick that deals specifically with an Earth that's already been laid to ruin.

It sounds like Singularity will still deal with an apocalyptic scenario (a la ID4, The Day After Tomorrow, etc.), but won't present Emmerich with quite so many opportunities to blow up famous locales around the world. So, between this project and his upcoming period drama, Anonymous, the director is looking to expand his range as an artist (sorta).

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To say that Emmerich's movies have become increasingly ridiculous over the years isn't entirely true - remember, this was the guy who really kicked his filmmaking career into gear by making entertaining, but undeniably goofy sci-fi flicks like Universal Soldier and Stargate. He's long had a thing for dark and provocative tales about the future - see his 1990 film, Moon 44 - and it sounds like Singularity will easily fit into that category. Hopefully, this new Emmerich pic will also be a bit more on the intelligent (and not-overblown) side.

Besides, seeing how Emmerich's previous movies have featured things like alien technology that lack protection against basic Mac viruses (ID4), building-sized lizards who can somehow hide in New York (Godzilla), and woolly mammoths building the ancient pyramids (10,000 B.C.) - is there anything Singularity can throw at us that will be that much sillier by comparison?

We'll find out when Singularity - which Emmerich expects to begin production on by March 2012 - arrives in theaters on May 17th, 2013.

Source: Collider

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