Duncan Jones to Direct Movie Adaptation of Rogue Trooper Comic Book

Warcraft director Duncan Jones reveals he's directing a Rogue Trooper movie. Marvel and DC-based comic book movies may dominate most of the output in the genre, but there are several films that have been based on other properties, and there are plenty more on the way. These films may not receive as much attention thanks to their smaller followings, but they continue to add content to the genre, and often in different ways than the two big companies are.

Over the last several days, Jones teased he was going to direct a comic book movie next. Speculation swirled as people tried to guess what property he could be a good fit for. Taking on any DC property was quickly ruled out, but that still left a variety of options open. Now, he's returned to announce what the film is going to be.

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Duncan Jones posted the following video on Twitter to announce that he's directing a movie adaptation based on the 2000AD comic book Rogue Trooper. As far as the announcement goes, Jones went above and beyond to reveal the information. A full set, a voice over that eliminated several possibilities, and a final mohawk reveal all were incorporated into this video. Check it out below:

Rogue Trooper is a 2000AD comic strip that was first created in 1981 by Dave Gibbons and Gerry Finley-Day. The main character is Rogue, a blue-skinned genetically manufactured soldier. He's joined by three comrades - Gunnar, Bagman, and Helm - but only in the form of biochips that have downloaded their entire personality upon death. One of Rogue's earliest stories features him as the last GI of his battalion and attempts to find Traitor General. The overall premise can be likened to the Civil War, where, in this case, Nu-Earth is divided in war.

With this being Jones' next project, it'll certainly offer up a different challenge for him. If Rogue Trooper goes into the war genre, Jones will have the ability to flex his directorial muscles. Moon and Mute are sci-fi films and Source Code could be counted as part of that genre too. Warcraft had some big scale, CGI action, but it hardly captures the feeling of war. Rogue Trooper will, hopefully, be able to do just that and even give Jones a chance to make a film that is politically and/or socially relevant.

There are still plenty of other details unknown about Rogue Trooper, though. There's no word on a studio being attached at this stage, so how quickly this will really move remains to be seen. Gary Whitta previously said he was going to write a Rogue Trooper movie, but it is unclear if he's involved with Jones' version at all. Based on Jones' history as a writer on his own projects, he'll undoubtedly be somewhat involved in the script process. Hopefully, these details will be cleared up in the immediate future now that Jones has made his plans known.

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