Star Wars: Watch Rogue One As Told by LEGO

Capping off a successful theatrical run with a Blu-ray release this week, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story proved to be an excellent start to the franchise's plans of including anthology films. The film was a departure from Star Wars's usual charm; it traded the banter and hope of the episodes for a grim and gritty take on the costs of war. While it was an unusual film for the franchise, audiences responded positively to the tune of over $1 billion, securing the future of the anthologies as well as proving that Star Wars has staying power outside the Skywalkers.

Disney is obviously happy with the final product as well. To market the film's coming Blu-ray release, Disney has released a short animated video retelling the film through their ever-trusty brand of LEGOs.

Told from the perspective a kid reenacting the film, Jyn Erso and the rest of the rebel squad square off against the Empire and try to steal the Death Star plans (this time safely secured inside a briefcase). Spoiler alert: This go-around gives our heroes a far happier fate than the actual film does, though that's to be expected from a LEGO parody.

The short nails a few easy-to-parody elements of the film itself. It features Darth Vader making more puns as he torments Director Krennic, and Cassian finally calling out Jyn for stealing his famous "rebellions are built on hope" line. It also features some well animated action sequences, all executed with the humor that usually accompanies LEGO shorts. With a runtime of 2:24 minutes though, they leave a lot un-parodied, namely the other members of the team. There's plenty of material that could be explored with Chirrut, Baze, and Bodhi, especially with Chirrut's repeated mantras about the Force.

However, for a short film, the re-telling is fun for Star Wars and LEGO fans alike. Fans who were disappointed with Rogue One not earning itself a LEGO game - though the film does not lend itself to one - can assuage their sadness by rewatching the LEGO adventures presented here. Besides, who doesn't like Darth Vader making puns? There's something here for all fans, and this is another delightful entry into the vast pantheon of Star Wars parodies and re-tellings. And at the very least, it'll make you want to pick up your favorite Star Wars LEGO set and put your own spin to the classic stories.

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Source: Disney

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