Rogue One Prequel Series Shoots In London Next Year

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The Rogue One prequel series for Disney+ will commence production in London next year. With the Star Wars movies about to go on hiatus for a few years after The Rise of Skywalker, the Disney+ streaming service is a major part of Lucasfilm's plans as they create new content in the galaxy far, far away. The platform will be the exclusive home to three upcoming live-action Star Wars TV shows: The Mandalorian, an Obi-Wan Kenobi series starring Ewan McGregor, and a Rogue One prequel headlined by Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk.

Cassian Andor and K-2SO were arguably two of the best characters in Rogue One, leaving an impression on fans in their lone cinematic appearance. Viewers expressed an interest in seeing more of them together, which is why there's much excitement for their Disney+ series. It was said back in April the show was targeting a 2021 premiere date, and it looks like that production timeline remains intact. Cassian and K-2 will be back in front of the cameras next year.

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During the Disney+ Showcase panel at D23 2019 last night, Lucasfilm confirmed the untitled Rogue One prequel will film in London next year. Not much else was revealed about the series, but it's nice to know when production begins.

Rogue One K2-SO

What's unknown at this point in time is when exactly in 2020 the Rogue One prequel series will shoot. Luna doesn't have any other projects lined up currently, so it appears his schedule is clear for a return trip to the Star Wars galaxy whenever Lucasfilm is ready. Things could be ready to go early next year, with the studio using the next few months to iron out the cast and creative team. No supporting actors have signed on yet, and there will surely be another ragtag group of Rebels, villainous Imperials, and others for fans to follow. And while The Americans' Stephen Schiff is serving as Rogue One showrunner, there hasn't been any announcement about directors. With 2020 the target date, Lucasfilm has plenty of time to round out the crew. The studio has probably conducted meetings already, and just haven't confirmed anything publicly.

Even though production begins next year, fans may have to wait longer before getting a look at the Rogue One prequel. Unlike the Star Wars films, which are tentpole productions that require months-long marketing campaigns, Lucasfilm can run a more truncated one for the Disney+ shows. The general public only now got the first trailer for The Mandalorian, less than three months prior to its premiere. That means Celebration Anaheim in August 2020 might be too early to kick off Cassian Andor promotion, though there could be a convention exclusive sizzle reel. Regardless, it's exciting to know one of the more interesting Star Wars characters is about to come back, and it should be fun to keep tabs on the Rogue One prequel.

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