Rogue & Gambit Getting New X-Men Comic Book Series

X-Men's Rogue and Gambit getting ready to kiss

For the first time, Marvel is giving fan-favorite X-Men couple Rogue and Gambit their own comic book series.

Over the past few years, fans have been accusing Marvel of reducing their focus on Fantastic Four and X-Men characters due to the fact that the movie rights to the two properties currently belong to 20th Century Fox. Though this may be true for the Fantastic Four, Marvel is continuing to pump out X-Men titles. While Marvel may have dropped team-focused titles such as X-Force, All-New X-Men, and X-Factor, the company has doubled down on launching titles for individual characters including Cyclops, Magneto, and Nightcrawler. Just this year, Marvel launched Jean Grey and Iceman, which will both be part of the Marvel Legacy lineup.

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CBR has learned that Marvel will soon add two more X-Men titles to the Marvel Legacy relaunch, Legion and Rogue & Gambit. Rogue & Gambit is due to launch in January. Marvel revealed cover art for the series but nothing more.

Made popular by X-Men: The Animated Series, the pairing of Rogue and Gambit has a complex history in the comic books that dates back to 1992 when the X-Men were split into two teams, "Blue" and "Gold," with Rogue and Gambit both serving under the leadership of Cyclops on the "Blue" team. What started out as a flirtation eventually grew into one of the most popular romances in X-Men history. Rogue's powers have largely been the greatest obstacle for the two, as Rogue cannot touch anyone without causing them harm. However, certain circumstances have allowed the pair to share brief moments of affection.

Rogue's power wasn't the only thing standing in their way. Gambit's dark past eventually reared its ugly head. When a kiss from Rogue caused her to absorb some of Gambit's memories, she learned that the Cajun mutant had played a role in Mr. Sinister's massacre of the Morlocks. The two have since gotten past the revelation, but other obstacles have managed to make their relationship an on-and-off-again romance. Rogue even had a long-term relationship with Magneto and shared a kiss with Deadpool.

The two are currently working together on the same team in the pages of Astonishing X-Men.

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Story details and a creative team for Rogue & Gambit will likely be announced at the Marvel Legacy panel during New York Comic Con 2017.

Source: CBR

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