X-Men's Rogue & Gambit Are Officially Back Together

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Rogue & Gambit #4


It's a big day for longtime fans of the X-Men's best couple (come at us) - Rogue and Gambit are getting back together. That's the decision finally arrived at in this month's issue of Marvel's Rogue & Gambit, the penultimate issue in the pair's limited series.

What started as an undesirable team-up of former lovers to investigate mutant disappearance has become a legitimate rekindling of romance. Now, as well as uncovering the nefarious plot of Lavish, a new villain in the Marvel Universe, Rogue and Gambit have benefited from actual couples therapy. Last issue Rogue & Gambit managed to get physical without dying, but the disappearance of their memories - mainly bad ones - cast doubt on their reunion.

Now the couple have figured out what is going on... and are still deciding to give their relationship another try.

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The new issues picks up where the previous one left off, with Rogue and Gambit having battled an army of clones (of themselves), but winding up strapped to tables at the mercy of Lavish. The villainb's plot? To drain the last of Remy LeBeau and Anna Marie's powers (and minds) for mysterious reasons. But after the pair manage to blow the restraints and flee for their freedom (thanks to Gambit's superpowers) the truth is finally revealed.

That aforementioned army of Rogue and Gambit clones is there to prevent their escape, but with every attack that destroys a clone, a memory is regained by our heroes. It turns out Lavish created the clones individually, spawned from one memory taken from the mind of the attacker's original. An unexpected twist, and one that causes Rogue and Gambit to see the memories of each other one at a time... and the fears and hopes that have been with them throughout their entire relationship.

In a brief moment of calm after the storm has subsided, the two are able to hash out the real question fans have been asking for issues now. The famous Marvel romance has been rekindled, and both are happy on the island - but is it only because all their baggage has been wiped away? Do they want to be with each other again, more than the reasons that prevented them in the past?

It's an incredibly touching moment for longtime fans, as Rogue worries the rekindled relationship won't be able to survive once they take down Lavish and get all of their identities and history back. But Gambit is as cut-and-dry as always, reassuring her that they will simply have to.

With that, Rogue and Gambit are back to battling their clones and figuring out how to take down Lavish for the final issue (out next month) - and fans of the couple are enjoying this long awaited reunion. With one issue left, it looks like this miniseries has fulfilled every expectation of getting one the most fan-supported X-Men couples back together again.

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Rogue & Gambit #4 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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