X-Men: 15 Most WTF Things Rogue Has Done

Rogue X-Men

Anna Marie Raven, AKA Rogue, is one of the most beloved X-Men of all time. Her honeyed Southern accent offers a sharp contrast to her monumental strength and snappy one-liners, and her complicated past combines with her even more complicated powers to create an interesting and multi-layered character.

As cool as Rogue is, she's got her share of skeletons in the closet that leave her looking far less than squeaky clean. Most of these moments stem from her days as a baddie after Mystique took Rogue under her wing as a surrogate mother, and the worst of the worst involve her stealing powers-- sometimes for good-- and even leaving people for dead.

Rogue's love life has also been an interesting train wreck on multiple occasions. Even though plenty of Marvel fans want Gambit and Rogue together, they have never been the healthiest of couples-- and more recently in the comics, she's taken to making out with Deadpool, which is often an indicator of a less than sane state. It's safe to say that Rogue's life is a prime example of how messed up a mutant can be. Need proof?

Here are the 15 Most WTF Things Rogue Has Done.

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15 Blinded In Battle Against The MLF

Marvel Villains

Back when Rogue was a member of the X-Men Blue Team in the 1990s, she went blind after a battle against the Mutant Liberation Front when the villainous team worked for Stryfe, the clone of Nathan Summers (Cable). This happened during the popular "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover from 1992 to 1993. MLF member Strobe (Juliana Worthing) hit Rogue with a fiery heat blast that luckily did not induce long-term damage. While it took a while for Rogue to heal, Strobe's intense heat blasts are able to become concentrated enough to transform into beams, let alone melt objects like eyeballs.

The brutality of this event wasn't just Rogue's blindness; plenty of mutants have gone temporarily blind during an issue or another. The severe viciousness came through when Strobe gleefully hit Rogue in the eyes with a direct blast, giving the appearance of Rogue not losing just her sight but her very life. For those who believe in karma, Strobe may have gotten hers since she's had no powers since M Day.

14 Killed and identity stolen by Jean Grey

In the Marvel Noir series fro 2009 to 2010, Rogue was not really Rogue. None of the X-Men were themselves; they were teen sociopaths trained in the criminal arts by psychiatrist Charles Xavier! As ludicrous as all of this was, it was still kind of fun to watch play out, especially given the very first comic in the X-Men story line, which depicted Jean Grey's body washing up on an island. The whole noir-style whodunnit began with this premise-- how did Jean die?-- and the red herring, of course, were the slash marks on her arms.

What does this have to do with Rogue? The body wasn't Jean's all along; it was Rogue the entire time! Jean killed Rogue in order to pretend to be her and get away from both Xavier and Magnus (Magneto), the Chief of Police and organized crime boss. Poor Rogue was dead the entire series.

13 Married Magneto

Magneto and Rogue

Remember when Magneto used Rogue for his dastardly plans in the first X-Men film? Yeah, he married her in the comic book. The Rogue/Gambit dynamic is so well-known that many forget that she's also had an on-again, off-again relationship with Magneto ever since he helped her sort out having Ms. Marvel living in her head (more about that later).

After that, Rogue thought Eric had romantic potential until she witnessed him callously murder the queen of the Sun People of the Savage Land, Zaldane. Since then she's been married to him, had a child with him, used him to control her powers, and made out with him while still dating Gambit.

Rogue's relationship with Gambit has never been all sunshine and roses, either. Between all of their secrets and lies, manipulation and abuse in some story lines, her inability to touch Remy, and the two actually killing each other, they are far from the poster children of a perfect relationship that so many fans often picture them to be. There was also the time in Nation X when Rogue and Gambit's sexual experiences together were projected from her mind all across Utopia for everyone to see. Awkward.

12 Killed Mister Sinister In Her Sleep

Rogue Kills Sinister

Using your incapacitated daughter to murder someone you don't like is a pretty cold move, but then Mystique isn't really known for her warmth. Yes, Rogue is her surrogate daughter, but it was still pretty harsh when Mystique shot and kidnapped her, only to push Sinister's face up against hers while she was comatose in order to sap out all of his power and his life itself. That's just what she did when she worked with the Marauders.

In X-Men: The End, Sinister enacted his revenge on Anna Marie. First, he kidnapped her children (as well as Emma Frost's children), and Rogue, imprinted with the White Queen, flew in like a bat out of hell and tore through Sinister's defenses to bravely rescue the kids. It was only after Rogue was in a severely weakened state that Mister Sinister pretends to be Gambit in order to murder her in front of Mystique, who kills him again for it.

11 Tried To Cancel Out Her Powers By Taking On Sauron

Sauron in Marvel Comics

Although fans of the comics threw random objects in outrage upon seeing Marie give up her powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's true that Rogue has often been dissatisfied with her powers, wishing she could touch people without, you know, killing them.

One time she sought out a means to "cure" herself in Earth X by battling Sauron in the Savage Lands. Her logic? Since they had similar powers, they'd "cancel" each other out and render one another powerless. Yeah, it doesn't even make sense. In Rogue's defense, she had just learned that Gambit had died and probably wasn't in the best frame of mind to make big decisions like whether or not to fight a freaking pterodactyl.

Instead of receiving the outcome she'd hoped for, Rogue died in battle with the creature, but perhaps that had been her plan in the back of her mind all along.

10 Made Out With Deadpool After Wiping The Floor With Him

To Deadpool fans who've seen the movie, this may be seen as a cute development (or, if you're a hardcore Pool/Vanessa 'shipper, it may make you foam at the mouth. You never know.). To the comic fans who are quite aware of the Merc With a Mouth's unique corpse-y aroma... it's barf-inducing.

People seem to forget how foul Deadpool smells in addition to his inside-out diseased flesh. "Looks don't matter!" fans may simper, and indeed, many people can look past appearances alone. But if you've ever smelled a rotting corpse, well, you know that's pretty hard to get past.

Anyway, recently in Uncanny Avengers #22, Rogue had just beat the crap out of Deadpool while under the mind control of Professor Xavier (who was under the mind control of Red Skull-- mind control Inception!) to the point where he needed a cane. The next thing you know, they're making out. Rogue's powers even allow her to take on his appearance, making him cute again (did she take on his smell, too?).

9 Absorbed Colossus's Powers Permanently

X-Men Rogue Powers

Lots of weird things went down in Mutant X. Another one of Rogue's worst moments occurred when she absorbed all of Colossus' powers permanently. Previously she'd really only done this with Carol Danvers, but in this timeline, she leaves poor Piotr in a coma.

In this world, Rogue is plagued by the thoughts and memories of both Colossus and Ms. Marvel. Remember, Rogue had once absorbed Colossus' powers to save his life - at a high risk to her own - after Pyro had heated and cooled the mutant, leaving him for dead. When Rogue absorbed his condition, it gave him a chance to be healed.

During the Age of Apocalypse, Rogue absorbed Polaris's memories and powers instead of Ms. Marvel's. Mystique still found her wandering around but the altered backstory changed Rogue's powers quite a bit.

Then there was the time she took five powers at once in X-Men: Second Coming in order to save Hope Summers. While Rogue was pretty badass as Wolverine, Colossus, X-23, Archangel and Psylocke all at once, and the team was able to save Hope, Nightcrawler sadly died in the process.

8 Killed Gambit in Earth-979

X-Men's Rogue and Gambit getting ready to kiss

One of the most redeeming characteristics of Rogue is that when she's at her worst, it's usually an accident. This was the case when she killed one of the loves of her life.

In Earth-979, during What If Sinister Learned the Greatest Secrets of the Marvel Universe, Gambit betrayed the X-Men to work for Mister Sinister. When Rogue discovered his treachery, he explained that Sinister had discovered a cure for her powers. Rogue insisted that Sinister had lied to Gambit and kissed him as proof, but she accidentally killed him in the process - right before Sinister broke the fourth wall and told her she was a comic book character. Trippy.

In other awkward Gambit and Rogue moments, there was also the time that Rogue absorbed Gambit's ex-wife's memories of them together in another timeline. Nobody wants to see their boyfriend writing around with his ex-wife in their head.

7 Did Absolutely Nothing In The X-Men Movies

Rogue in X-Men- The Last Stand

Marvel fans found themselves more disappointed than ever with the first three X-Men films, but one of their biggest letdowns was Anna Paquin's portrayal of Rogue. It wasn't even Paquin's fault, as she, too, called for a Rogue with, say, a personality. Really, she might as well have been a prop in the films for all of her presence (or lack of presence).

Gone were the powers she'd obtained from Ms. Marvel early on in her days with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. No flying, no super-strength-- and worst of all, none of Rogue's traditional Southern drawl and ferocity. Instead, we had a meek teenager who, instead of finding Mystique after kissing her boyfriend to death, was more obsessed with getting rid of her powers, kissing boys, and finding a father figure in... Wolverine. It just boggles the mind.

6 Killed Her Father

In the Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610), Rogue has a terrible beginning as she is used in the Weapon X program before joining the X-Men. She also reveals that her abusive, alcoholic father molested her as a child, but that she killed him as her powers developed. Although Rogue makes it clear that the murder was accidental, it still leaves her shaken as she informs Bobby Drake, another one of her love interests in this timeline, of the story.

Once she joins the X-Men, Rogue is kidnapped by Gambit, who was hired by the twins Andreas and Andrea von Strucker of the Fenris Corporation. They tell her they can help with her powers if she joins them, but when she realizes that they only wish to exploit her powers, she and Gambit ultimately flee and enjoy a brief time together until he is killed by the Juggernaut. She absorbs his powers in one last kiss.

5 Put Her First Boyfriend In A Permanent Coma

Rogue Cody X-Men

You have to wonder if the story about the witch in American Horror Story who kills boys by sleeping with them was inspired by poor Rogue. Her first kiss with her first boyfriend, Cody Robbins, rendered the kid unconscious and sent him into a coma. No matter which storyline, most of Rogue's back stories include this incident that left her distraught and searching for help or wandering around, afraid of her own body. Even in the animated version of X-Men, Cody is a part of Rogue's history that leaves a huge impact on who she eventually becomes.

In the original story, Cody's family, along with the townspeople, all stormed Rogue's home in an angry mob after they'd witnessed what she'd done to Cody. While her father held them off, Rogue escaped with one of his guns and kept going until she met her adoptive mother, Mystique. Believing her powers to be a curse, she began to wear clothing that covered her entire body at this time.

4 Killed Scarlet Witch

Rogue kills Scarlet Witch in Uncanny Avengers

Ultimately leading up to Rogue's worst death so far, Rogue's destruction of Scarlet Witch was built on the same premise of Batman v Superman: Rogue told Scarlet Witch that she was simply too dangerous to be alive, so she had to kill her. In a move that outraged Marvel fans, writers killed not one, not two, but three major characters in Uncanny Avengers #14. The irony of it all was that Wolverine had just promised Rogue that no one would die. Here's to hindsight, bub.

After Rogue murders Scarlet Witch, Grim Reaper impales her in a fairly graphic death scene (see above), but that isn't enough. Wonder Man, who has always loved Wanda, then commits suicide to help her complete her spell. Yes, everyone usually comes back in these scenarios (particularly Rogue, who was borrowing Logan's healing factor at the time anyway), and that was Wanda's plan all along in her whole fortress spell (which make the effects a little on the cheap side since they're only there for shock value), but it was still one of Rogue's most intense moments.

3 Nearly Died At The Hands Of Her Own Surrogate Mom

Rogue Mystique

Rogue lost her real mother, and her aunt, once a loving presence in her life, became a cruel caretaker following the loss of her sister, so Rogue never really had a loving mother growing up. After accidentally putting her boyfriend in a coma and running for her life away from an angry mob, she was more desperate for kindness than ever. When Raven Darkholme showed up and offered Rogue a place to call home with her and her partner, Destiny, Rogue took it with gratitude. If she'd known that her surrogate mother would eventually try to murder her (a couple of times), perhaps she would have reconsidered.

Mystique always looks out for number one. Even though she does love Rogue and chose to raise her (despite abandoning other children, like Nightcrawler and Graydon Creed), she has shot her, seduced her boyfriend, and made other attempts on her daughter's life whenever she deemed it beneficial.

2 Was Killed By Grim Reaper After Killing... Grim Reaper

In Uncanny Avengers #14, Rogue killed Scarlet Witch, prompting Grim Reaper to take her out (see #4). This was one of Rogue's most brutal deaths. Impaled on Grim Reaper's scythe, Rogue arches back and dissolves into nothing but a skeleton surrounded by energy as Wolverine screams in protest. While she survives, the death is still on the ironic side since Rogue had just killed Grim Reaper herself.

It is one of the funniest death scenes in the Marvel world because not only does Grim Reaper just show up at a press conference, resurrected and claiming that he's invincible, but Rogue quickly takes some of Wonder Man's power and punches him hard enough to kill him again! Of course, it was the Apocalypse twins who reanimated him again, allowing him to kill Rogue.

1 Absorbed Ms. Marvel's Powers Permanently

Rogue Ms Marvel

It's one thing to borrow another mutant's abilities temporarily, but when you absorb someone's powers forever and make them your own, it's pretty inexcusable. Rogue knows this, so after she does just that to Ms. Marvel, she harbors the guilt from her actions and attempts to make up for it by being an amazing superhero for most of her life.

What some people may not know is that Rogue did not only absorb the powers of Carol Danvers, but she later shared her body with Ms. Marvel's consciousness as well. This means that the two often fought over Rogue's body in an attempt to control it, sending Rogue into a panic. She tried to kill Danvers' body by throwing it off a bridge to stifle her voice, but Spider-Woman saved Ms. Marvel. The voices continued to plague Rogue, sending her to Professor Xavier for help, which is where her story with the X-Men begins.


Do you have any other crazy stories from Rogue's X-Men past to share? Let us know in the comments!

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