Robert Rodriguez To Direct Predator Remake - Updated

[UPDATE: It seems that Rodriguez will be PRODUCING the movie but not DIRECTING it - and there's a tentative release date: July 7, 2010]

Remember back about two months ago when we said Predator-remake was in the works and quite possibly the worst idea ever? Today, we retract those statements... Well, maybe not entirely, but at least a little.

Why? Because Robert Rodriguez is taking the reigns not only as a producer, but also as director!

The re-titled Predators has now been confirmed with Rodriguez in the director's chair.

Although the project is still with 20th Century Fox, things are looking a little better with the Desperado-director in the seat.

Via comes word that a news conference was held at Troublemaker Studios (Rodriguez's independent filmhouse) for the signing of a long-awaited reform of Texas film incentive program-HB 873. The "one-man-film-crew" had a chance to address the members of the press and clued them in to his upcoming film projects:

"I'm going to be able to shoot my upcoming Machete here, a sci-fi action film called Nervewrackers, a re-boot of the Predator series called Predators, and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons."

Besides Machete, an expansion on  2007's Grindhouse/Planet Terror fake trailer, Rodriguez has been busy with Red Sonja and Shorts. Big fans of the "mariachi-style" have plenty to look forward to.

Though it'll be some time, he has plenty on his plate without mentioning Sin City 2, Rodriguez' take on Predators could be worth the wait.

Might this actually be, dare I say, good - now that Rodriguez is attached?

Source: IESB

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