Rocksteady's Superman Game Won't Be At Comic-Con 2018

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Rocksteady confirms that it won't be announcing its next big game at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego. For fans looking to the sky in anticipation of a possible Superman title, sorry, it doesn't sound like 2018 is the year to see a Man of Steel game fly again.

After the critical and commercial success of Rocksteady's three Arkham games, players have been waiting since Arkham Knight bowed out in 2015 to know where the studio goes next. While it looks like another Batman adventure isn't in the cards, the biggest rumor is that developers will move to Metropolis and tackle a whole new branch of DC history.

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There was confusion surrounding this year's E3 as rumors flew that Rocksteady was ready to announce Superman. Preempting a similar situation later this month, Rocksteady director Jamie Walker took to Twitter to announce that the gaming giant won't be a part of the party in San Diego or reveal whatever the studio has up its sleeve:

Rocksteady has already addressed the E3 fiasco, so it makes sense that Walker wants to avoid another backlash on social media. It is hard to be angry at the man considering he has been so brutally honest about the situation, but it is still frustrating for those hoping to see a cape flutter across the halls at SDCC.

Interestingly, Walker is still being vague about exactly what this "next game" is. Although many are convinced that Rocksteady will reinvent the sometimes lackluster world of Superman games, there is no official word yet. In recent months, various leaks and posters have popped up about what a Rocksteady Superman game could involve, but most have already been debunked as hoaxes or simply cast aside by now. Either way, Walker is letting players down gently with the vague promise of "a while yet." His comments at least mean that hopes aren't dashed ahead of other events like August's GamesCon.

The world of superhero gaming is taking big leaps at the moment. With rumored Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy games in the works and Insomniac's Spider-Man just around the corner, it looks like Marvel is set to rule the roost when it comes to comic book games. Whether an open-world Justice League game to try and make up for Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's movie or just honing in on the Metropolis Marvel in hopes of establishing a DCEU of games, Rocksteady could really cash in on the comic-book-to-console trend. Whatever Rocksteady is planning, expect something big to burst forth from the minds of the Arkhamverse when Walker and his team decide the time is right.

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Source: Jamie Walker/Twitter

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