Beau Bridges & Alan Tudyk Delve Into The Rockford Files

Beau Bridges and Alan Tudyk have signed on to star opposite Dermot Mulroney’s Jim Rockford in an update of the classic detective TV show The Rockford Files, which is being produced for NBC by Steve Carell and House creator David Shore.

Beau Bridges will play Rocky, the constantly exasperated, former truck-driving father of Mulroney’s Jim Rockford in the series. The character was originally played by Noah Beery in the original James Garner-starring series.

Meanwhile former Firefly star Alan Tudyk will portray Rockford’s old friend and Police Detective Dennis Becker in the new series. Becker is Rockford’s inside man on the LAPD and the detective gets into all sorts of trouble for begrudgingly helping out his old pal. The brilliant Joe Santos played the character in the original show.

While Bridges is a good addition to the show because of his homey charm (which is something that Beery has in spades); I feel that Tudyk just doesn’t have the right feel to play the always irate Becker. Bridges recently pulled off fathering duties in My Name is Earl while Tudyk was also in the ill-fated Dollhouse and ABC’s V reboot.

I could be wrong about all this, but I just feel that this new incarnation of The Rockford Files is just a fruitless exercise. Don’t get me wrong – I’d love to see a return to the type of show that Rockford was, but I don’t feel that it needs to be remade. The original show had a great cast, superb writing and it captured the flavor of Los Angeles at a time when it was a little on the run down side. This all combined to make a wonderful show that is still on television today (in reruns, of course). Why bother remaking it?

Well, who am I to fight the system? These things will continue to happen as long as there’s money to be made. To make matters worse, I know that I’ll tune in to at least one episode of this, and I might even enjoy it!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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