Stranger Things and Rocket League Crossover Coming This Month

Rocket League x Stranger Things

The town of Hawkins, Indiana, is coming to Rocket League just in time for the Halloween season. Stranger Things, despite the title, is no stranger to video game appearances, with the asymmetrical survival horror game Dead by Daylight featuring iconic characters from the Netflix original series just last month, as well as reports of an upcoming Stranger Things mobile game which is set to release in 2020. There has even been an official 16-bit game based on the show's third season, titled Stranger Things 3: The Game, which was announced during last year's Game Awards.

Rocket League itself has endured continuing success as the best car soccer title on the market, thanks in part due to the game's repeated, and eventually successful, push for cross play between consoles. Although developer Psyonix recently unveiled a road map for Rocket League which described all of the changes and updates coming to the franchise in the next few months, nothing was mentioned about turning the whole game upside-down.

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As revealed in a trailer and press announcement earlier today, Rocket League will be entering the terror that is Stranger Things' Upside-Down alternate reality in their new update titled Haunted Hallows featuring Stranger Things. Included in the game's crossover is an altered version of the Farmstead level, a limited time change which transforms the field into the Farmstead "Upside Down" Arena, as well as new banners, decals, and avatar borders. The video announcement, which very accurately apes the Stranger Things opening credits, can be viewed in full below.

Players familiar with Rocket League game events will recognize the Candy Corn featured in Haunted Hallows, which can be earned while playing online matches and used to buy various Stranger Things-themed things in addition to other, more generalized Halloween items. The Haunted Hallows event will last until November 11th, but players will have a three day redemption period afterwards to redeem their Candy Corn in the Rocket League storefront.

With Psyonix's promise to remove paid loot boxes from Rocket League by the end of the year, it's nice that simply playing the game will reward players with the in-game currency needed to purchase all of the upcoming Stranger Things memorabilia featured in this unique Halloween event. Other, greedier companies may have been tempted to charge money for things like Dustin's Cap, but thankfully when Haunted Hallows featuring Stranger Things drops into Rocket League later this month players will simply be able to earn it themselves, just like Hopper would have wanted.

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Source: YouTube(Rocket League)

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