Rocket League Is Getting A Basketball Mode

Soccer and race cars is a difficult combination to really sell a game on. Game developer Psyonix was often confronted with unenthusiastic reactions when making such a pitch, but it wasn’t until people got to play Rocket League that players realized it was something special. Being available for free on PS Plus at launch certainly helped ensure that as many people downloaded and played it as possible on day one. The community since then has amazingly grown to more than 11 million players.

Not everyone would have expected Rocket League to be included in game of the year lists that also include Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Fallout 4but Rocket League fans have become some of the most dedicated. The game finally came to Xbox One and gained 1 million players on the platform in just a month after release. People love Rocket League and the developers have teased their fans with what will surely be the game’s biggest add-on content, which offers a completely different ball game.

It seems that Rocket League is now going to challenge players with making slam dunks after the official Twitter account posted a screenshot of what’s to come – a brand new basketball game mode. It showed a recognizable Rocket League car in the air reaching for a ball on a basketball court. Accompanying the image is the hashtag Rocket League Hoops. There's already an enormous amount of videos online of Rocket League players making ridiculous trick shots at goal and demonstrating moves that the developers didn’t even realize were possible. A Rocket League basketball mode will surely allow the most hardcore and only serve to expand the e-sports audience that is growing for the game.

Rocket League basketball mode

The development team at Rocket League have not been shy about providing extra content for their game. Quite often, these add-ons also include supporting other existing franchises. Just this month, the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice car pack was released. This allowed players to control the new Batmobile in matches. This, on top of the already released Back to the Future downloadable content, which added the DeLorean to the roster of vehicles and it has recently been announced that Rocket League will be crossing over with zombie survival game Dying Light. Focusing on that game’s expansion The Following, you will be able to decorate your buggy with Rocket League paintjob or give your Rocket League cars a Dying Light paintjob. These add-ons show the developer has high ambitions when it comes to supporting their game and a brand new game mode on the way aims to shoot even higher.

Fans will be hoping that this basketball mode will be available sooner rather than later. The tweet posted said that with March Madness just around the corner, it was the perfect time to make the reveal, though it might be a bit too hopeful to take from that that the mode will actually be available this month. Soccer has been the game of choice for Psyonix since Rocket League’s predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, but the studio has also dabbled in hockey, so who’s to say basketball will be the last sport to have cars added to the mix?

Rocket League is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Psyonix

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