The Rock Reflects On Failing at His Original Dream of Playing in the NFL

Dwayne Johnson in The Rock wrestler mode

While on the set of his HBO series Ballers, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson reflects on failing at his original dream of playing in the NFL. Season 4 of the show wrapped last October, and HBO announced back in September that they would be renewing the comedy series for a fifth season. Today, Johnson teased an image of the upcoming season, while also revealing a lot about his early goals in life.

Ballers first aired in 2015, and since then has rose in popularity considerably. The show follows Spencer Strasmore (played by Johnson), a former NFL star who's struggling with retirement, while mentoring other football players in the business. The show also stars the talents of John David Washington, Rob Corddry and Omar Benson Miller, to name a few. Many know The Rock either as an actor, or as a professional wrestler, but his role on Ballers hits closer to home than many fans of the show may realize.

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Johnson took to Instagram today to share a candid photo of himself in character, while shooting a scene for the upcoming season. The actor paired the photo with the caption: "I never want to just play in the game. I always want to change the way the game is played. Raising the bar for season 5 for our @HBO’s BALLERS." The first part of his statement let fans know what's going on the image, notably that he's shooting a scene for Ballers. What he said next, however, was completely game changing. He continued, "And on a personal irony note ~ it’s been quite humbling shooting these scenes amongst NFL teams because for years my #1 real life goal was to play in the NFL. I failed and that dream never came true." That's right, even celebrities with success stories like The Rock have had to deal with failure and hardships.

He's not bitter about having failed at his lifelong dream, however, and didn't let that stop him from being able to turn things around for himself. He added, "But over the years I realized that playing in the NFL was the best thing that NEVER HAPPENED for me because after I failed (and after a fun battle with depression) it created a relentless drive that defines who I am today." In other words, he used the pain and the emotion from failing at his biggest dream to motivate him to find another path in life, and another passion. Things certainly worked out for him, so its nice to see Johnson sharing his experiences with his audience. He finished off his motivational post with the hashtags "grateful #dreamsthatdontcometrue #onward". 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is known for having achieved success in multiple arenas, and while he admits to having struggled with failure and depression, he hasn't let that stop him. Instead, he tells his fans to use that emotion, and be grateful for it, because sometimes those feelings are the most motivational. Sometimes, things don't always turn out the way one wants them to, Johnson is certainly right in that regard. His ability to stay positive and to use the failure as a driving force is incredibly inspirational. Johnson is very busy at the moment, not only shooting for the show, but also working on other projects, including Jumanji 3 and Black AdamFans can expect to see Johnson in the season 5 premiere of Ballers later this year.

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Source: Dwayne "The Rock" Johson/Instagram

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