Robot Chicken Meets Voltron In 'Titan Maximum'

The brains behind the sci-fi, super-hero and action figure-stuffed animated comedy Robot Chicken are taking a spin-off to Saturn's biggest moon with Titan Maximum.

Co-head writer/producer Tom Root and co-creator/executive producer Matthew Senreich created the spin-off series, which pits a collection of dysfunctional heroes and their Voltron-style assembled robot (pronounced "RO-bet," if you're cool and from the 1950s) against a solar system-conquering villain and crippling budget cuts. The comedy adventure's animation will resemble Chicken's stop motion style.

While Robot Chicken is a rapid-fire, short attention span-friendly sketch show, Titan will feature full plots per episode and an overall story arc for the series' ongoing war of attrition.

Adult Swim ordered up nine episodes, and the show is set to premiere in September, just in time for the new fall season. With the Voltron live action movie mired in an ongoing legal dispute, this spoof could be as close as anime fans get to a new "giant robot assembled by mashing different ships together" story. (Yes, that's a legitimate genre title.)

Will you be watching Titan Maximum?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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