Robot Chicken Holiday Special Trailer: Santa's Midnight Trip

Santa Claus takes a midnight drug trip in the first trailer for Robot Chicken's upcoming holiday special. Adult Swim’s stop-motion sketch series has produced numerous festive episodes in the years since its launch in 2005. This one promises to be just as chaotic and anarchic as its predecessors.

The most recent full season of Robot Chicken wrapped up in May 2016, leaving fans of the show with a fairly barren 2017. Prior to this festival installment, the only Robot Chicken content to air this year was "The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who’s Walking", which lampooned Rick Grimes and his crew to mark the 100th episode of AMC’s zombie drama. As part of that horror parody, Robot Chicken served up a demented reborn Glenn and an odd origin story for Negan’s baseball bat, Lucille.

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And now, to tide them over until the New Year, Adult Swim is serving up a yuletide treat for Robot Chicken fans. Filled with narcotic humor and hilariously off-the-wall sketches, this trailer proves that the writing team hasn't lost their touch.

Longtime fans of Robot Chicken won’t have missed the fact Santa’s ‘midnight snack’ could be read as a reference to season 1 episode 12, which used those two simple words as its title. Here the late-night eating of narcotic substances takes on a fun new festive meaning, as Santa himself is seen tripping balls immediately after biting into a questionable cookie.

The next cookie on the plate begins talking to Santa, prompting him to instantaneously freak out. “Buckle up fat boy”, says the nearby Christmas tree, as Santa is sucked into the floor and his trip goes from bad to worse. He’s soon falling through an unsettling dreamscape, surrounded by candy canes and gingerbread men.

However, Santa’s bad trip doesn’t seem to be the sole focus of the episode. The trailer also teases some other sketches, including a Krampus-fronted musical segment, a dab from Jesus, and a line of Santas dancing in dresses. Pulling it back to the tripping out Father Christmas theme, the trailer ends with Santa raiding a medicine cabinet in a bid to “chase this high.” This should be the perfect Christmas present for Robot Chicken fans, who are still waiting patiently for season 9 to arrive.

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The Robot Chicken holiday special will debut on Adult Swim on December 10 at 11:30 pm ET.

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