'Robopocalypse' Snags Cloverfield Writer (and Spielberg?)

Our friends over at /Film are reporting that Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard has been tapped by Dreamworks to adapt a yet-to-be-published manuscript called Robopocalypse for the big screen.

In addition to that news, Deadline is reporting that Robopocalypse may be on the radar of one of the biggest directors in the business: Steven Spielberg.

The manuscript in question was written by Daniel H. Wilson and will be released by Doubleday sometime in 2011. Wilson's authorial career has been pretty much defined by robotic mayhem; his novel How to Survive A Robot Uprising won a rave award from Wired and was optioned by Paramount and producer Mike DeLuca (Se7en). Wilson (who is actually a Ph.D. student in robotics) also wrote a sequel to Robot Uprising, entitled How to Build a Robot Army, and contributes to Popular Mechanics and a History Channel show called The Works.

It's Wilson's strong background in robotics and A.I. that, according to Doubleday Executive Editor and VP Jason Kaufman, "grounds his story with a frightening level of realism...that we think audiences will really respond to." So for you sci-fi geeks that love to separate the science fiction from the science fact, Wilson is a guy who can certainly bear your scrutiny.

As for Robopocalypse, according to Deadline Goddard is already underway with the script (before book is even done) and the project is a "serious contender" for Spielberg's long list of upcoming projects, which include a motion-capture version of Tintin, as well as Abraham Lincoln and Gershwin biopics.

But come on! If the choice is between Steven Spielberg directing a couple of biopics or a film about the Robopocalypse, which one would YOU rather he choose? Actually, since I know I'm talking to the fine readers of Screen Rant, I don't even have to ask: Robopocalypse all the way!

We'll keep you updated on whether or not Spielberg chooses to do  Robopocalypse and who will be starring in it as the info comes our way.

Sources: Deadline & /Film

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